A Wrinkle in Time?  Slow Down the Aging Process with a Water Ionizer!

“You’re only as old as you feel,” goes the saying.  It’s an empowering little motto, opening up the possibility of perhaps not reversing time, but slowing it up a little.  

I’m sure that wrinkle wasn’t there yesterday…

But how do we achieve that?  Check out the first of our two-part mini-series on how Tyent Water can help you to become one of those people who hears comments like: “You’re how old?  Wow! You look great!” every time you leave the house.  

Turn Back Time?

To look great on the outside, you need to feel great on the inside.  That might seem obvious, but if you routinely skip a full night’s sleep, don’t exercise and eat too many processed foods, there’s no cosmetic or lotion on earth that can hide those facts!

But for anyone hoping to turn back the hands of time a little, we have some very exciting news!

Reversing Wrinkles?

A scientific breakthrough has found that ionized hydrogen water can actually begin to erase existing wrinkles.  Given the millions of dollars that people throw at “anti-aging” and “anti-wrinkle” potions every year, that’s big news.  

The Japanese study found that bathing in, or applying, warm ionized hydrogen water to the skin every day for 3 months led to a “significant improvement” in the appearance of wrinkles.  

Hydrogen Water Reduces Wrinkles

Applying hydrogen water to the skin “significantly prevented cell death,” according to the researchers, as well as radically suppressing UVA-induced damage.  Pretty amazing stuff!

So water from your Tyent Ionizer doesn’t just hydrate, refresh and energize you; it can help you to look younger as well!  And if Tyent Water can do that to your skin, imagine how many amazing things it’s doing inside your body!  

Stay Tuned, Stay Young!

While growing older is a privilege, there’s no shame in wanting to do so while looking and feeling our best.  Stay tuned for the next part of our two-part series on how Tyent Water can help your body retain its youthful vigor and resilience for longer!

Share Your Tips!

Do you have any fantastic anti-aging tips of your own?  We’d love to hear them, so please share!

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2 thoughts on “A Wrinkle in Time?  Slow Down the Aging Process with a Water Ionizer!

  1. I appreciate how your article underlines how important it is to take care of yourself and not just rely on cosmetic fads that are really just exaggerated marketing. Kudos.

    1. Hi, Davy. Thanks for the lovely response.:) It’s important for us at Tyent to help our readers understand what it really means to be healthy, and why, as you said, it’s important to make that choice.

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