Home Upgrade for Health? 5 Top Improvements!

The environment of a home is often characterized by its charm factor rather than its particulate matter, which can lead homeowners to forget that there are more important things than finding the perfect end table for the den. If there are any toxins or imbalances in the home, they can exacerbate or even cause health problems in the inhabitants. From stuffy air to mold exposure, owners might want to consider a few home upgrades that could prove to be pivotal for their health. Read on to see if there’s a home upgrade for you.

Home Upgrade #1: Countertop Water Ionizer

Let’s dive right into our topic on home upgrades by covering water quality. Tap water contains a number of impurities that people should be aware of and protect themselves against. However, there’s more to the story than the tiny particles of common heavy metals, chlorine, and contaminants. A lack of alkaline water in a home has been linked to the deterioration of bone health. Research suggests that alkaline water may be able to boost calcium levels in those who drink it (as compared to non-alkaline water.) But a typical water purifier will not deliver the same pH balance of a water ionizer. Countertop water ionizers as well as under-counter models are easy to use, and they can be an attractive addition to any kitchen — no matter the style of decor.

home upgrade
Top Water Ionizer

Home Upgrade #2: Home Sauna 

Home saunas heat the surrounding air up to 212° F. Being exposed to this type of heat may sound uncomfortable, but it’s actually thought that saunas promote relaxation and well-being by improving circulation. As the core body temperature rises, the vessels open to increase the rate of blood flow. Studies have shown that those who use saunas are statistically less likely to suffer from harmful blockages or coronary arrest. Plus, a sauna can have a significant impact on a home’s total resale value, which makes this home upgrade worth considering.

home upgrade for value

Home Upgrade #3: HVAC Air Purifier 

The air everyone breathes at home is easy to ignore. After all, there are plenty of well-known hazards in a home that might distract us from something as subtle as what we take into our lungs. Even when people start developing allergies or mild asthma, they usually attribute the problem to another unrelated cause. But vents have a tendency to accumulate particles from pollen, dander, smoke, and dirt, no matter how devoted homeowners are to cleanliness. An HVAC air purifier can remove the contaminants of even the smallest organisms in the air. Not only can it rid the home of bacteria and viruses, it can also help prevent the formation and spread of mold. The cleaner the air a person breathes, the less likely they are to develop chronic health conditions. Now that’s a home upgrade that everyone can benefit from.

Home upgrade-HVAC Air Purifier
Clean the Air with an HVAC Air Purifier!

Home Upgrade #4: Filtered Refrigerator

Food waste is reaching epic levels as families struggle to keep a balance between eating what they buy and sticking to their diets. To help food stay fresher longer, there is a new home upgrade that will save you lots of money over time. Now, there are refrigerators homeowners can buy that come pre-fitted with special filters to keep food as fresh as possible. As produce starts to go bad, the filter absorbs the ethylene gas that’s emitted from the fruits and vegetables in the fridge. Too much ethylene gas in the refrigerator will cause food to break down faster, regardless of its original freshness. These refrigerators go the extra mile to ensure everyone can continue enjoying healthy snacks without discovering an unwelcome surprise in the middle.

Home Upgrade #5: Artificial or Natural Light Therapy 

Artificial light therapy boxes mimic the rays of the sun during the long winter months. This can not only combat depression, it can also help regulate people’s sleeping patterns or reduce the worst effects of jet lag. There are also sun tubes or sun tunnels that can be installed in the ceiling (similar to a skylight) of the home to bring in additional natural light. The increase of sunlight in the home can often cut down on an owner’s total energy bills while improving their quality of life.

Home Upgrade-Artificial or Natural Light Therapy

Few homeowners regret making any type of upgrade to their home — whether they’re doing it for themselves or to improve their eventual resale value. However, these upgrades, in particular, can go a long way in changing a homeowner’s overall attitude. Clean air, fresh food, and purified water can all send strong messages to inhabitants to take care of themselves, which can be the very best benefit of all.

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