LeeAnne Walters: An Everyday Hero

The Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to a small handful of people from around the world in recognition of their grassroots environmental activism.  

Heroes are not born, they are made…

Selected by an international jury, this year’s seven winners came from places as diverse as Vietnam, Colombia, South Africa…and Flint, Michigan.  

A Short History of Environmental Heroism

Just after Flint officials notoriously switched the city water source in April 2014 to save money, LeeAnne Walters started to become concerned that the water she and her four children were drinking was harmful.

She was, of course, right, but proving it was a struggle.  State authorities didn’t want to listen and LeeAnne worked tirelessly with the EPA and Marc Edwards, a professor at Virginia Tech, systematically gathering and testing water samples from every zip code in Flint.  

LeeAnne found that some of the water contained levels of contamination high enough to be classified as hazardous waste.  

State of Emergency

Eventually, a state of emergency was declared and the media gaze settled on Flint, forcing change and finally helping those affected.

When LeeAnne Walters started educating herself about water quality and contamination, it was because her 3 year-old twins were developing constant rashes and her daughter’s hair was falling out in handfuls.  Back then, she couldn’t have envisaged being the recipient of such a prestigious award.

Future Goals

The Goldman Environmental Prize will help to boost LeeAnne’s work going forward, as she advocates for federal action to close loopholes in how cities test their water and encourages anyone who is concerned about their water to be “citizen-activists” to help prevent another full-blown crisis.  

Heroes are not born, they are made, so the saying goes, and LeeAnne Walters is a modern-day environmental hero, rising to meet an extraordinary challenge to help others drink clean, safe water.  

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