How Does Coffee Make You Lose Weight?

A new report indicates that enjoying our favorite beverage every morning might help us to lose weight.  Well isn’t that some great news?

How Coffee can help you lose weight

Brown Fat Facts

It’s all down to how coffee interacts with the fat deposits in the human body known as ‘brown fat.’ This type of fat – unlike other fat in the body – generates heat in response to the cold, by burning sugar and fat. This heat production has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar and burns calories.

Coffee Break(through)

The research team, led by Professor Michael Symonds, from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, wanted to see if coffee could have a similar effect.

Using stem cell and human test subjects, the team exposed brown fat cells to caffeine. Using thermal imaging equipment, they were able to identify heat generation – thermogenesis – in the brown fat cells.

“This is the first study in humans to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct effect on our brown fat functions. The potential implications of our results are pretty big, as obesity is a major health concern for society and we also have a growing diabetes epidemic and brown fat could potentially be part of the solution.”

                                                              Professor Michael Symonds


You CAN Try This at Home!

Exciting, right? And unlike most lab-based scientific breakthroughs, this is one that you can practice in the comfort of your own kitchen!

But we have another tip for you – by making coffee with alkaline water, you can boost the potential benefits even more by making the coffee bean oils and tannins more bio-available.

How a Water Ionizer Can Help

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is packed with minerals. Among them are calcium, magnesium and potassium. Those minerals help to make a better cup of coffee by stimulating a ‘superior quality extraction of coffee solids,’ according to the Statistics & Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (who knew there was such a wonderful thing?)

Specifically, the SCA suggests that an alkalinity of 40 mg/L; calcium levels of 68 mg/L and sodium at 10 mg/L is the Holy Grail of coffee-brewing water, for maximum flavor and nutritional extraction.

Your Regular Morning Coffee, But Better!

Grabbing a morning coffee has always seemed like a good idea, and so has drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer.

Putting the two together? Genius!

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