The True Price of a Water Ionizer

The phrase “you get what you pay for” is never truer than when applied to water ionizers.  Search the internet and you’ll find that it’s possible to buy water ionizers pretty cheaply. Too cheaply, in many cases.

What’s your health worth to you?
The Danger of Water Ionizers From China

Okay, the machine’s from China, but it has a certified “lead-free” sticker right there.  You’re thinking it must be okay, right?  Sorry, but no.  To help grease the movement of cheap, potentially dangerous machines to the rest of the world, a thriving counterfeit “lead free” certification trade has sprung up to counter the entirely reasonable concern that many goods exported from China contain lead.

Tyent Wins Water Ionizer of the Year…

Tyent ionizers haven’t taken home the prestigious Water Ionizer of the Year award an astonishing eight times since 2009 for nothing.

…and Here’s Why!

Every component of our machines is designed and built to outperform anything else available on the market today and to give you a lifetime of use.  Take our plates, for example. Each one is beautifully engineered to form a solid/mesh hybrid for maximum performance.  Not only that, the plates are constructed from ultra strong titanium and dipped multiple times in pure platinum to withstand corrosion and oxidation – factors that can destroy cheaper plates.

You Can Afford the Best!

A water ionizer is an investment in your health and well being and our very attractive payment terms make owning a Tyent Ionizer possible within most household budgets.  Plus you can benefit from our unbeatable 75-day trial period, for that extra peace of mind.

Your health is too precious to cut corners with.  Don’t take risks with sub-standard, and possibly dangerous, machines.  Imagine buying an ionizer to improve your health and then finding out that it potentially might do the very opposite.

Your Health – Priceless

With a Tyent ionizer, you know that you’re getting the best ionizer from the company with the very best customer service.  What’s more, the positive health benefits to be gained from drinking ionized hydrogen water are priceless.

Want to learn more about why Tyent water ionizers are such incredible value for money?  Check out our awesome Cheat Sheet!

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