Coolest Kitchen Designs from around the World

What better way to be inspired to add lovely design touches to your kitchen than photos from around the world? These kitchens hail from Georgia to New Zealand, and there’s a bit of something for everyone.

Atlanta, Georgia Kitchen

This kitchen is a new, glossy take on a 1920’s kitchen. The marble tiled walls, white paint, and light filled entryway give the kitchen a very clean, pristine feeling. The crown moldings and arched doorways pay homage to the home’s history, while the stainless steal island, modern appliances, and unique overhead lighting definitely bring this kitchen up to speed.

Northern Italy Kitchen

Extremely clean and modern, this family’s kitchen is actually housed in a historic Italian farmhouse. The home underwent a massive renovation, which aimed to create contrast between very modern elements, like the kitchen, with the house’s historical bones. The kitchen’s most remarkable feature, of course, is the skylights and windows, providing astonishing views of the Italian countryside and vineyards.

Bratslava, Slovakia Kitchen 

Unlike the other kitchens featured here, this fully functional kitchen was built on a limited budget in an even more limited space. The open shelving—both charming and effective—is a popular, current trend that, in this case, serves to enhance the feeling of spaciousness in the small space (no cabinet doors to accommodate). The window not only lightens and enlarges the space further; it likely provides a nice view for doing dishes.

New Zealand Kitchen

The kitchen of a New Zealand family’s vacation home, this fully functional space is defined by its open concept—a hallmark of modern kitchens. Like the small Slovakian kitchen, this kitchen also features shelving instead of cabinetry. The tall ceilings allow for maximum sunlight, blurring the division between outdoor and indoor (perfect for a vacation home). The stainless steel countertops and backsplash, along with the simple light bulb pendant lights and orange accent cabinetry, carry off this cool, casual vacation space.

Toronto Kitchen

This kitchen’s defining quality is that it’s proudly lived-in. While a minimalist may take that as an insult, this Toronto family gets ultimate utility out of their kitchen and dining space. The long kitchen table serves both as counter space for food preparation and a gathering space for family meals. The exposed brick wall and beautifully aged hardwood flooring give the space character, while the top-of-the-line appliances—including two dishwashers—are functional for preparing food for a family of five.

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