Quick Tips to Keep Your Vacation Healthy

So you’ve been working out to look your best for an upcoming vacation, and your beach body is ready to make its debut. Don’t let the vacation do a 180 on your health and fitness! Stay in shape and enjoy being away from home with these quick and memorable healthy-vacation tips:

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  • Eat breakfast. It’s tempting to skip breakfast and sleep in during vacation, but eating even a small breakfast will kick-start your metabolism and give you energy each day.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water helps you feel more full and will make those extra-large vacation meals less tempting. Try drinking a full glass of water before each meal.
  • Share small plates and avoid the buffet. You can still eat at restaurants and enjoy your time away from the kitchen on vacation, but share small plates and appetizers with your vacation-mates instead of visiting the buffets.
  • Walk, don’t sit. Whether it’s taking the local train, bus, pedicab, or subway, you’ll enjoy more of the local scenery and get a small workout if you walk during your vacation instead of taking seated transportation.
  • Throw in some activity. It’s vacation—no need to hit the resort gym for two hours every day, but if one of your daily activities can be active (think snorkeling, hiking, walking around local markets, golfing, and so on), you’ll pack on fewer pounds after you head home.
  • Pack your own snacks. Avoid the hotel or airport gift shop for snacks. All you’ll find there are sugary cookies and sodium-infused chips. Instead, plan ahead: pack several baggies of nut-based trail mix, whole-wheat crackers or pita bread, and veggies (if traveling allows).
  • Allow for splurges, but make up for it. If you eat a particularly loaded meal or late-night binge, make up for it by taking a 30-minute walk afterward. You’ll feel better, and your body will thank you.

Don’t stress over the choices you make over vacation. After all, you’re taking a break from the daily grind. But making a few simple tweaks to your vacation habits will leave you with fewer regrets once you head home.

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