Video Highlight: Michael McKenry Talks Tyent

If you’ve visited our YouTube channel lately, you know that Pittsburgh Pirate catcher Michael McKenry has made an appearance! Michael (also known as “The Fort” or “Fort McKenry”) is a long-time Tyent fan, and he’s shared a few of his favorite things about drinking Tyent alkaline ionized water in the video.

Michael says, “After doing a lot of research, when it comes to alkaline water, Tyent USA is the brand.”

He continues, “It’s just been wonderful to be able to be ahead of the game just a little bit, compared to other guys that are just drinking regular bottled water.”

Curious about if alkaline water is better for you than regular water? Michael’s opinion: “After drinking alkaline water, I now know that all water is not the same.”

Check out his thoughts here:

We’re grateful that Tyent water ionizers have helped Michael McKenry stay in shape and stay healthy. Curious about how alkaline ionized water from a Tyent water ionizer might fit into your lifestyle? Our water ionizers come in over-the-counter and under-the-counter models, and we also offer a portable water ionizer to make your water cleaner and healthier on-the-go.

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3 thoughts on “Video Highlight: Michael McKenry Talks Tyent

  1. I have been told by others that the portable water ionizer does not actually ionize the water and that I should not listen to the hype. What or where can I go to show this is not the case with the Tyent ionizer?

    1. Fran: It is considered an alkalizer as opposed to an ionizer. It will create water that is healthier than most water options, because it will have an alkaline pH and some antioxiants, but to really get the best results, there is no comparison to ionized water from a water ionizer since the water goes through an electrolysis process.

      A Tyent water ionizer works like this: the water goes through an electrolysis chamber to separate the alkaline water from the acidic water (pulls them apart and creates two streams). Acidic pH water comes out of one side and alkaline comes out of the other side (through tubes).

      Does that help? “Alkalizer” is the word we like to use instead of ionizer for the TYgo.

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