Gizmodo Features Tyent Water Ionizer

Tyent water ionizers have been saturating the news lately—no pun intended. From being featured in DesignBoom and HomeDIT in June, to appearing in Gear Diary and Gadget Review in May, Tyent water ionizers have been a hot topic for people interested in improving their health.

We’re pleased to announce that Tyent was recently featured on Gizmodo, one of the online world’s top-visited technology websites. Check it out!

Gizmodo writes that the Tyent UCE 9000 “can make your water even more healthy than it already is.” Gizmodo also talks about the ability to change the pH level of water coming out of a water ionizer, and how the UCE 9000’s tech-forward and user-friendly interface will appeal to even the most tech-savvy health gurus.

At Tyent, we’re excited that more people are becoming aware of the long-term health benefits of water from a Tyent water ionizer.  Water ionizers are the best way to consume clean water straight from your tap, reducing your reliance on tap water with dubious origins and waste-producing water bottles.

Read the rest of Gizmodo’s Tyent coverage, and get up to speed on the UCE 9000 and Tyent’s full product line at

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