Tyent Ionized Water: Ultra-hydrating and So Much More (New + Improved)

If you happened to have read Monday and Tuesday’s articles you learned how the process of water purification by Reverse Osmosis is achieved.  I enjoyed writing about that particular process and in the near future plan to cover some of the many other ways in which regular water is purified for drinking.

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The questions keep pouring in!

Today however, I want to get back to answering some of the backlog of questions about ionized alkaline water that has been piling up on my desktop. 

The first person would like to know this: 

Does Ionized Alkaline Water Cause Dehydration?

The quickest and most simple answer of course would be no, ionized alkaline water does not cause dehydration.  Honestly, I can’t think of any water that you would purchase to drink that would cause dehydration.  That would seem rather self-defeating.

On second thought, I suppose if you drank salt water that would cause you to dehydrate.  However, drinking salt water to quench your thirst would be akin to eating a hot pepper for indigestion; it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Tyent ionized alkaline water not only doesn’t make you thirsty, it quenches your thirst far better than regular water ever could.  The reason for this is because it allows for faster gastric emptying, which in turn hydrates you faster. 

Next question: 

Does Ionized Alkaline Water Kill Bacteria?

Tricky little question there.  Tyent makes water ionizers that not only produce excellent drinking water, but have another side to them that allows the machines to produce acidic ionized water. Tyent’s acidic water can clean and disinfect without the use of household cleaners that are comprised of dangerous chemicals.


Tyent water ionizers come equipped with the latest technology and a keypad that allows you to choose the type of water you want.  You can raise the alkaline pH level for drinking water or at the touch of the keypad convert that water into highly acidic water that will kill bacteria and germs without the use of those costly and potentially harmful chemicals.

If you are looking for cleaner, healthier water to drink, why not consider owning your own water ionizer that not only has the potential to improve your health but will save you money each time you use it?  How, you wonder?  By eliminating the high cost of bottled water and by providing pure, fresh water that is not only cleaner but replete with minerals and loaded with free radical fighting antioxidants.

Ready to have delicious, beneficial water at the touch of a button? Download our free buyer’s guide to find out which Tyent ionizer is best for you.


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