Ionized Alkaline Water Better For You Simply By What It Doesn’t Contain (Revised)

Many of the questions received here at Tyent have two familiar themes running through them: medicine and chemicals.  People, it would seem, are under the impression that ionized alkaline water must contain added chemicals to make it more beneficial than regular water. 

Tyent water ionizers never add chemicals
Tyent water ionizers never add chemicals to your water.

That is understandable, I mean, water is water right, so how can water be anything more without the introduction of chemicals?

To begin with, water is water.  However, the water that flows from your tap at home may have so many chemicals floating around in it that it’s scary.  In addition, when the water in your municipality reaches the treatment plant, part of the process in cleaning it up is by adding more chemicals in an effort to reduce some of the other chemicals present. 

Every time you take a drink you are practically ingesting a liquid pharmacy.  I could write a week’s worth of blogs just listing the chemicals in most tap water.

That said, Tyent’s water ionizers don’t add medicine or chemicals to the water to reduce the presence of those hundreds of chemicals already in there; just the opposite is true.  Tyent alkaline water ionizers drastically reduce the presence of those chemicals.  That reduction alone could be considered a medicinal benefit just by what Tyent machines remove from the water.  In this case, less medicine is the best medicine.

How Can Tyent Water Be Beneficial Without Adding Chemicals?

The short answer is, because it reduces to a great extent the presence of the chemicals already in there.  If you happened to read yesterday’s blog you read that Tyent’s Dual Filtration System is one of the very best in the business at taking practically all of those chemicals and filtering them to such an extent that the water is now much purer and cleaner and safer to drink than it was before entering a Tyent ionized alkaline water machine.

Literally hundreds and hundreds of chemicals were introduced into Tyent’s award-winning machines by a state approved water testing facility and the results were really impressive.  I was amazed at how many chemicals Tyent’s machines had to filter during that test.  Just as amazing were the results.  A long list of chemicals found in everyday tap water were reduced to a presence reading of practically zero, while hundreds of others were brought down to much safer levels.

The Tyent Water Ionizer Company is serious about their water, and their alkaline water machines have set a standard of purity that has other companies scrambling to match. 

See for Yourself!

There is a wall of Certificates and Accreditations that you can look over that let’s you know we know our business.

There is only so much one can say about a product without finally having to say, “Check it out yourself” and see what makes Tyent an industry leader in the world of cleaner, better, healthier water. Give us a call today at  to discuss our attractive finance options and 75 day trial period.

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