Healthy Travel Essentials to Make Your Trips Easier

Travel can be exciting but trips away can also be hard work. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a few essential healthy travel items to make your next trip that little bit easier!


Healthy Travel Essentials To Make Your Trips Easier


1. Travel Snacks

The cost of an airport meal for a family can sometimes rival the cost of the airline ticket! Snacks aren’t much better, but it’s easier to grab something to stave off hunger pangs and keep bored kids happy. If you want to avoid the cost (and poor nutrition) of airport snacks, then take along a few tasty and healthy travel treats to keep everyone happy. Think slow-release foods that give you an initial shot of energy and then sustain you for longer, rather than hitting you with a sugar spike followed by a crash. Try crispy roasted chickpeas, granola bars or whole grain muffins studded with chopped nuts, dried apricot, cranberries or your favorite type of dried fruit.


2. Water

The mark-up on bottled water at airports and travel rest stops can be breathtakingly high, and when you learn what’s in bottled water, you’ll probably want to avoid it altogether. Travel – especially by air – can be dehydrating, so your essential new best travel friend should be a sturdy, stylish water bottle! Fill it with ionized alkaline water, and enjoy the refreshing, hydrating health benefits of molecular hydrogen for your whole trip.


3. Compression Socks

Traveling long haul by air with limited legroom? Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can be a cause for alarm for some people. Compression socks are designed to regulate blood flow, help avoid blood clots forming in your legs and lower the risk of DVT.


4. Hydrogen Tablets

Travel means being away from your water ionizer, but that doesn’t mean that you have to manage without healthy molecular hydrogen in your water! Travel with H2 Energize Hydrogen Tablets and you can enjoy a glass of hydrogen-rich water and boost flagging energy levels, even when you’re away from home.


5. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, and a travel First Aid Kit is essential for any traveler. To avoid the hassle of prohibited items being removed pre-flight, it’s easier to buy a pre-assembled, flight-friendly kit with all the essentials. Having a small supply of bandages, sticking plaster, disinfecting wipes, and other items to dress and treat wounds is an important piece of travel kit.


6. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

We’re all used to wearing face masks now, but don’t forget to take along a travel eye mask on flights and long trips. Paired with earplugs, you have the travel essentials you need to grab a power nap en-route to your destination.


7. Travel Pillow

…actually, find space in a pocket for an inflatable travel pillow and then you really DO have all you need to doze in comfort and wake up refreshed upon arrival!


Basic Travel Essentials for an Easier Trip!

It’s a good feeling to travel prepared. These items cover the essentials: food, hydration, rest and health, and yet all of them together will fit neatly into your hand luggage. A bit of forward-planning and both the journey and your trip will get off to a flying start!


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