101 Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 10: Tyent Alkaline Water Top Health Benefits At A Glance

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Here’s an overview of the health benefits of Tyent water.

Tyent Water | A Brief Guide on the Benefits of Alkaline Water to Health and Fitness


94. Tyent Water Detoxifies

Friends celebrating | Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 10: Tyent Alkaline Water Top Health Benefits At A Glance
We at Tyent USA love “at a glance” list, and what better way to tell you the long list of benefits of Tyent water than by doing that?

Get ready for the countdown because we’re about to tell you amazing alkaline water benefits. First up: detoxification.

Do you know your body is an amazing sewage system? Yes, it can get rid of wastes in many different ways:

  • When you sweat, you can remove the excess salts and water in the body. You may also eliminate certain impurities.
  • Your kidneys filter toxins that may be in the bloodstream.
  • The liver can convert toxic substances into something safe for the body or finds a way to eliminate them.
  • When you look up in the mirror, you will see those hairs inside the nose. They too can act as filters and prevent pollutants from entering.

In fact, there’s a deep connection between the liver and the kidneys.

The former breaks down the amino acids in the foods you eat into various vital components. When it does, it also creates a by-product call ammonia.

This one is toxic, but the largest organ inside the body can convert it into urea, which then goes through the kidneys. There, the body can now eliminate it as urine.

It doesn’t mean these organs can function without your help. For one, they can experience deterioration due to acidosis or the acidic buildup in the body.

Converting tap water into alkaline with our water ionizers and then drinking it can increase your pH levels. In turn, this counters the increase and the effects of acids.

Water Ionizer Definition: It is a machine that helps increase the pH level of source water through a process called electrolysis.

Feel clean, look sleek, and give your body a boost with the awesome power of detox! You’ll feel the benefits in many ways such as glowing skin and increased energy levels!

95. Tyent Water Boosts Athletic Performance

Tyent water counts many top athletes among its fans. Why?

It’s because alkaline ionized water is amazingly beneficial to athletic performance.

Our water filtration system called electrolysis changes the chemistry of water.

To make it alkaline, our process increases the number of free hydrogen atoms. These, in turn, have extra electrons.

This hydrogen-rich water is what will help athletes immensely. These people participate in strenuous activities such as high-intensity exercises.

During this process, the body can become anaerobic, which means it derives its energy by breaking down glucose without oxygen. The by-product is lactic acid.

Some people call it the enemy since it can lead to muscle fatigue. In reality, it’s the body’s mechanism to prevent severe or even permanent damage to the muscles.

Lactic buildup, though, can still be bothersome and slow down any athlete.

Tyent water can then help because it has free hydrogen atoms with extra electrons. They can now offset the oxidative stress happening in the body.

To learn more about this, read this.

96. Alkaline Water Supports Immunity

A 2006 study published on Critical Care revealed the harmful effects of metabolic acidosis on the body. It revealed it can increase the risk of mortality or dying especially among the critically ill by 45%.

The study didn’t mention the cause and effect, but previous research highlighted how acidosis can lead to chronic inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to threats.

Think, for example, when you have a fever. When you feel hot, it means your immune system is working to fight off the bacteria or virus causing the disease.

When your body is building up acid, though, it is also always in the state of inflammation. In turn, it becomes chronic and does more harm than good.

Imagine your body as a house on fire. When the fire is already big enough, it’s harder to control.

When it comes to immunity, chronic inflammation can impair its function. Your defense against foreign contaminants decreases.

Tyent alkaline water helps to support and maintain a healthy balance. It can enhance your body’s ability to fight off ailments and help to heal itself by reducing acidity.

This high-quality water can also increase antioxidants, which can then help neutralize free radicals. Read this post to learn more.

97. Alkaline Water Promotes Weight Loss

One of the world’s health threats is obesity. It is a risk factor for many chronic diseases such as heart disorders, type 2 diabetes, and even certain forms of cancer.

Granted, this problem is far more complex than what people believe.

Many things can affect a person’s susceptibility to weight gain. These include genetics, stress, and a preexisting condition.

Either way, multiple studies already showed how weight loss can improve a person’s quality of life. For instance, an Australian research revealed it may decrease or even reverse the effects of atrial fibrillation.

Atrial Fibrillation Definition: It is a cardiovascular condition characterized by rapid and irregular heartbeats. It can increase the risk of stroke, heart failure, and blood clot.

Making it easier is the fact you have many ways to start your weight loss program, and you can always begin by drinking Tyent water.

Our water ionizer converts source water to molecular hydrogen water. A 2012 research published on Obesity cited how it can reduce oxidative stress on the liver, which plays a key role in metabolism.

Even better, drinking hydrogen water may produce the same outcome even if you don’t exercise or diet!

98. Tyent Water Provides Faster Hydration

Man drinking water on a break | Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 10: Tyent Alkaline Water Top Health Benefits At A Glance
The body is about 60% water, so it’s not surprising why you can feel the effects of dehydration fast.

Even worse, dehydration can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes, which are necessary for the function of the vital organs.

One of the best ways to deal with dehydration is to drink water, but Tyent water sets itself apart from the others.

Tyent alkaline water hydrates you quicker than regular water! It has a faster gastric emptying process.

It means the water moves from the stomach to the intestines quick, so your body can then absorb it fast as well.

It’s good news for everyone, especially those who are active or love to be outdoors.

99. Tyent Water Contains Beneficial Minerals

Our bodies need minerals for growth, development, and overall health.

We need calcium to help build strong bones and reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Sodium is necessary to maintain the balance of fluids and keep the muscles and nerves functioning properly.

Some filtration systems may produce purified water but at the expense of these essential minerals. One example is reverse osmosis, which creates distilled water.

While you have clean water, you also drink fluids with depleted minerals. You lose the opportunity to improve your overall health.

Our Tyent filters don’t work the same way. We improve the alkalinity of fluids, but our filter doesn’t strip them with the minerals you need.

It’s even partly the reason why Tyent water can improve your hydration levels fast.

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100. Our Alkaline Water Costs Only About 6 Cents a Glass

Hang on. Nothing costs 6¢ a glass—or is there?

Well, prepare to get excited because it’s true. Once you install our water ionizer, each glass of delicious, health-boosting alkaline water costs around 6 cents per glass.

That’s good value in anybody’s money!

101. Tyent Water Has Anti-Aging Properties

We don’t want to stop the hands of time, but most of us don’t mind the idea of slowing them down just a little.

Tyent alkaline water has properties that can reduce the signs of aging:

  • By increasing hydration, you may also maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
  • Drinking Tyent water can potentially decrease the risks of chronic inflammation, free radicals, and oxidative stress.
  • This type of water can even improve your mood, and you know happiness can make anyone feel young.

Ditch the expensive face creams even for now and drink Tyent water instead!

102. Tyent Water Speeds up Recovery Time from Exercising

Young woman drinking water after running | Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 10: Tyent Alkaline Water Top Health Benefits At A Glance
The mechanism of exercise is different from what many people believe. The purpose of it is not only to increase endurance but also to promote muscle building and repair.

Each time you participate in a strenuous exercise, you subject your muscles to injury. In turn, the body repairs them and, subsequently, increase the muscle mass and strength.

It’s also because of this you need to follow an interval between workouts. You should find time to rest and recover.

For pro-athletes and fitness enthusiasts, though, a faster recovery is always better.

Tyent alkaline water really helps to speed up your recovery time and get you back on the track. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the pool or on the field!

103. Tyent Water Supports Better Memory and Concentration

Our brains process millions of bits of information all the time. It’s no wonder we can’t always remember it all or get it in the order we need.

Some of us, however, are more susceptible to forgetfulness or brain fog. It can be due to many things such as stress or aging.

Drinking Tyent water can help to improve brain function. It’s something that’s definitely worth remembering!

104. Alkaline Water Boosts Energy Levels

Are you burning the candle at both ends? Are you a parent to a new baby?

Do you have many deadlines at work? Perhaps you’re under a lot of stress lately.

Whatever your situation, you may be in a panic mode, but your energy levels are low. You don’t know how to increase it again.

We need whatever help we can get! Drinking Tyent water can help to boost your energy and restore your equilibrium.


We hope you enjoyed our series of 104 reasons to love Tyent water.

We had a lot of fun putting it together! If you missed the rest, don’t forget to refer to this post.

What do you love about alkaline water? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 19, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  1. I love my water ionizer I have been using this for about a year. I have seen a lot of health improvements my back doesn’t hurt as much as it did before my body stays hydrated. I just feel good. I will never be without my water ionizer. Invest in your health.

  2. Got my ACE-13 just last week and using it has been so good. My body’s still not used to the water but I know I’ll start feeling great soon!

    1. Hi, Ariana. Thank you for trusting Tyent’s alkaline water to keep you healthy and hydrated! Remember to drink the correct daily intake until your body fully adjusts to alkaline water. You can consult the water ionizer guide included in your purchases.

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