101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 10: Tyent Alkaline Water Top Health Benefits at a Glance

We love an “at a glance” list.  Even better, a list that tells you all you need to know about the top benefits of drinking Tyent alkaline water! Jug with lemon and cucumber infused water on a rustic wooden surface

  1. Tyent Water Detoxifies

Feel clean, look sleek and give your body a boost with the awesome power of detox!  You’ll really feel the benefits with glowing skin and increased energy levels!

  1. Tyent Water Boosts Athletic Performance 

Tyent water counts many top athletes among its fans.  Why?  Because ionized alkaline water is amazingly beneficial to athletic performance.  Read this to find out more!

  1. Tyent Water Supports Immunity 

Tyent alkaline water helps to support and maintain a healthy balance and it enhances your body’s ability to fight off ailments and help to heal itself. 

  1. Tyent Water Promotes Weight Loss

Here’s some brilliant news for dieters!  Did you know that a recent study has identified that one effect of drinking hydrogen water over a period of time is weight loss!  For anyone who needs even more motivation, the results are the same even if you don’t exercise or consciously embark on a diet!  Time to go swimsuit shopping?

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  1. Tyent Water Provides Faster Hydration

Tyent alkaline water hydrates you faster than regular water, and that’s good news for everyone, but anyone who works out will know how vital feeling hydrated is.  Check out what the pros have to say about it! 

  1. Tyent Water Contains Beneficial Minerals 

Our bodies need minerals for growth, development and overall health.  Depleted minerals means that our bodies cannot thrive or continue to work properly.  Drinking Tyent mineral rich alkaline water means that you are providing all of those beneficial elements for your body. 

  1. Tyent Water Costs Only About 6 cents a Glass 

Hang on.  Nothing costs 6¢ a glass, does it?  Well, prepare to get excited because it’s true.  Once your ionizer is installed, each glass of delicious health boosting alkaline water really does cost around 6 cents per glass.  That’s good value in anybody’s money!  

  1. Tyent Water Has Anti-Aging Properties 

We don’t want to stop the hands of time, but most of us don’t mind the idea of slowing them down just a little. Tyent alkaline water has properties that really can positively impact on the aging process.  So ditch the expensive face creams and drink Tyent water instead! 

  1. Tyent Water Speeds Recovery Time From Exercising

Pro-athletes and keen sportspeople know that the faster you can recover from exertion, the better.  Tyent alkaline water really helps to speed up your recovery time and get you back on the track, in the pool or on the field faster! 

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  1. Tyent Water Supports Better Memory and Concentration

Our brains process millions of bits of information all the time.  It’s no wonder that we can’t always remember it all, or get it in the order we need.  Drinking Tyent water can help to improve brain function, and that’s something that’s definitely worth remembering!  

  1. Tyent Water Boosts Energy Levels (and who doesn’t need that?)

Burning the candle at both ends? Parent to a new baby?  Too many deadlines at work?  Maybe you’re just feeling a little stressed.  Some, or all of these things affect us at some point in our lives, and frankly, we need whatever help we can get!  Drinking Tyent water can really help to boost your energy and restore your equilibrium.

Handsome Man Drinking Glass Of Fresh Water Indoors In Morning

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our series of 101 Reasons to Love Tyent water.  We’ve certainly had fun putting it together!  If you’ve missed an installment then check here for the previous posts!

101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 10: Tyent Alkaline Water Top Health Benefits at a Glance
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2 thoughts on “101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 10: Tyent Alkaline Water Top Health Benefits at a Glance

  1. I love my water ionizer I have been using this for about a year. I have seen a lot of health improvements my back doesn’t hurt as much as it did before my body stays hydrated. I just feel good. I will never be without my water ionizer. Invest in your health.

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