Are There Proven Clinical Studies on Water Ionizers?

You bet there are! You know how much we love talking about the benefits of water ionizers, but what has the medical establishment got to say about it?  Many good things, as it happens!

Scientists are racing to make the next breakthrough
Scientists are racing to make the next breakthrough

Take a Look Into the Labs!

Out of literally hundreds of recent clinical studies which report all kinds of interesting results, we’ve picked out a few to give you an idea of what exciting research into the benefits of ionized alkaline water is coming out of the world’s laboratories!

Drinking Hydrogen Water Improved Cognitive Impairment in Senescence-Accelerated Mice

In this fascinating study, mice with accelerated senescence (age related deterioration) memory loss and brain alterations were observed to study the value of drinking hydrogen water.  The scientists observed that drinking hydrogen water for 18 weeks appeared to be beneficial when compared to drinking regular water.

“On the basis of our results, hydrogen water merits further investigation for possible therapeutic/preventative use for age-related cognitive disorders.”

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The Next Breakthrough?

This is a mere glimpse at the incredible work that is going on in laboratories all over the globe, as scientists race to make the next breakthrough.

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There’s a lot of information out there, so if you’ve spotted any news or articles about miracle breakthroughs based on the benefits of alkaline water or hydrogen water, then please share here!

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