Is Enagic or Kangen the Best Water Ionizer?

If you’ve been searching for a water ionizer, you might well have encountered products by Enagic or Kangen.  So how good are they?  How do these products stack up against Tyent?

Tyranny of choice? It doesn’t have to be.
Tyranny of choice? It doesn’t have to be.

Well, as a clue, if we were worried about comparisons, we’d probably be keeping quiet about it.  But we’re not worried.  In fact, we’re very happy with our products being compared to any others on the market!  Why?  Because we know how good Tyent Ionizers are, and that they beat the competition hands down.

Compare and Contrast

With the speed and transparency of the internet, it’s easy to check what people really think.  Bad companies can no longer hide behind their own spin and good companies get the kudos they deserve!

Here, we looked closely at Kangen water and Enagic, and it makes pretty compelling reading!  For even more detailed facts and figures, take a look at this and you start to understand why we’re not only content for comparisons to be made; we positively encourage it!

And There’s More…

Want to hear more?  This video is packed with the facts.  You’ll be amazed at what you hear!

Can’t wait?  Okay.  We’ll give you a taster.  Here are three key differences between the Tyent MMP-9090TX and the Kangen SD-501.

Any Added Chemicals?

Not with a Tyent ionizer.  Chemical free, when we say your water is clean, we mean it’s really clean. Kangen can’t make the same claim, as a Kangen ionizer uses sodium chloride and sodium hypochlorite (also known as “bleach”) to produce “strong” Kangen and acidic water.  Tyent ionizers give you pure water with no chemicals.

Can You Guarantee That?

Sure.  Kangen will give you the reassurance of a guarantee for 5 years.  Compare that to the no-fine-print, lifetime guarantee that you get with a Tyent ionizer.

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But It Costs More, Right?

It must, right?  Tyent gives you pure, chemical free water and a lifetime guarantee…there must be a catch?  Well, no. Tyent ionizers are lighter on your pocket, costing less when comparing like for like.

So let’s go back to the title of this article…”Is Enagic or Kangen the Best Water Ionizer?”

Well, what do you think?  Give us a call to ask us any questions about Tyent ionizers, and let us know what you think the answer is!

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