The Pros and Cons of Water Ionizers

No matter how much we believe in our products and want to tell you all about how much value they add to your life, we equally want to give some balance.

Need help to weigh up the facts?
Need help to weigh up the facts?

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If we only ever told you how amazing owning a water ionizer is, then you might rightly think that we were only giving you one side of the story.  So in the interests of being completely open-handed and fair, we’re going to give you the heads up on the real pros and cons of water ionizers.


  1. Your health will thank you. There are so many benefits to drinking ionized alkaline water, and the positive testimonials keep on coming in.
  1. The medical establishment keeping finding new reasons to love water ionizers. Take a look at the recent findings from laboratories around the world.
  1. Your water is clean. As America sinks further into a wholesale crisis which began with the lead-contaminated water flowing into households in Flint, Michigan; further shock revelations means that there are few guarantees about the water that comes out of your tap.  A water ionizer means that every glass is clean, pure and free of harmful contaminants.


  1. It’s more expensive than regular water. Ionizers are a pretty big purchase for most people, which is exactly why Tyent USA offers financing from as little as $99.00 a month.  Give us a call now to see if you qualify .
  1. Does it really work? While we can provide link after link of people all over the world, from top athletes to famous musicians, and medical experts of every specialism, who promote the incredible benefits of ionized water, it’s not possible to persuade everyone.  People, understandably, want to make up their own minds.

Firstly, we believe anyone who starts to drink ionized alkaline water will see and feel the benefits for themselves fairly quickly.  Secondly, and because of that, we confidently offer a 75 day trial on all water ionizers.  That’s over 10 weeks to decide whether drinking pure, hydrogen-rich Tyent ionized water is something you want permanently in your life.

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A Helping Hand

We really hope that we’ve helped to shine a light on the positives and negatives of owning an ionizer. How about you? Want to add to our list of great reasons to own an ionizer?  Give us a call and let us know!

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