When it Comes to Product Quality, Warranty and Customer Service, the Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Has Much to Offer You (New and Improved!)

Are you seriously considering buying a water ionizer but are uncertain as to which machine you should buy and from whom?  That’s understandable with so much information and misinformation out there about ionized alkaline water, the machines themselves, and the companies that sell them.

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Water ionizers are more than just a purchase, they are an investment. Not only a monetary investment, but an investment into your health. You’ll want to be as sure as possible that you’ll get not only the perfect product that delivers everything you’d hoped it would, but one that is guaranteed to do so.

Of course you know that just about every company you look at will claim to offer you the best machines, so how do you know which company to trust?

You Have to Look Below the Surface and Beyond the Sales Pitch

All companies want you to buy your desired product from them.  That’s why they are in business, to sell you something, and it’s no different with Tyent USA.  Like other companies, we are in the alkaline water business.

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The differences between us and the competition however, are significant and noteworthy.  Of course, we’d like to sell you a water ionizer, but just as important to you and to us is that we want you to love it!

That’s why we give you a confident Lifetime Warranty on our best machines and it’s not some little nit-picky fine-print one either.  At Tyent, we stand behind our products.  In fact, we can start with the water ionizer systems themselves.

Editors Choice Award for Ionizer of the Year in 2014-2016.  Only Tyent machines can make that claim. Many companies, and even ones you may have looked at in your search, were in the running for this coveted award. But the award went to Tyent.

Okay, so you can rest assured the machines are good.  Scratch that.  Our machines are great and deliver on their promise to transform ordinary and dangerous tap water into fresh, clean and much healthier ionized alkaline water.

Customer Service

I generally begin to develop a tic in my left eye about 20 minutes into being on hold and after having told my same story to 3 different people (who seem totally confused) as they desperately scramble to find a way to pass me along to the next incompetent employee.

Harsh words indeed…but trying to resolve some simple matter shouldn’t require speaking to more people than it took to invent the airplane.

Meausuring customer satisfaction

Tyent Customer Service is more than an extension of the company but an integral part of the Tyent philosophy of treating everyone like family.  You can read honest testimonials about the quality of the customer service people just like you experienced when they spoke to one of our Customer Service Representatives. 

We are the company that has won Ionizer of the Year three years running. We’re not going to be anything less than worthy of that award in every phase of our business.

Ready to experience our award winning Tyent water? Call us at 855-893-6887 to discuss our generous finance options and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know all about your experience with us as a customer.

When it Comes to Product Quality, Warranty and Customer Service, the Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Has Much to Offer You (New and Improved!)
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