The Harsh Truth Behind Hydrogen Sticks (Spoiler: It’s a Scam)

Hydrogen sticks do sound convenient and useful. Just pop them into your water glass or bottle and a few seconds later – alkaline water, or so the manufacturers would have you believe.

But with countless reports of dissatisfied customers and even potential health red-flags appearing, we’re taking a closer look.



The Harsh Truth behind Hydrogen Sticks



What are hydrogen sticks?

Do hydrogen sticks really make water more alkaline?

Do hydrogen sticks make tap water safer to drink?

Can hydrogen sticks be dangerous to use?

Is a water ionizer better than hydrogen sticks?


What are hydrogen sticks?

Hydrogen sticks are the latest attempt to jump on the popularity of ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer.

Depending on your product, you place the stick in a bottle or glass of water; wait for a short time, and then drink.

The idea is that the magnesium – the main ingredient that most of these products contain – makes your water more alkaline.

Do hydrogen sticks really make water more alkaline?

What these products do is dump magnesium hydroxide – admittedly rich in alkalizing compounds – into your water.

Now, the human body needs magnesium – 40 – 80 mg per day, ideally from water. Hydrogen sticks can deposit a lot more magnesium than that into your water – along with whatever else is used to make and preserve the product – and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Do hydrogen sticks make tap water safer to drink?

Despite the claims that some manufacturers make, hydrogen sticks do NOT remove dangerous toxins from your source water.

The contaminants in America’s water are complex and, in many cases, potentially deadly. Removing them takes a refined, expert approach and cutting-edge filtration technology.

Put it this way: if a hydrogen stick canceled Chromium-6, none of us would know who Erin Brockovich is.

Can hydrogen sticks be dangerous to use?

Yes, and it’s this point that is jarring for genuine health-first companies to see. Hydrogen sticks have only the lightest regulatory requirements and are marketed to improve health but can potentially do the exact opposite.

Too much magnesium hydroxide can lead to digestive problems and is linked to urinary and heart rate issues.

Is a water ionizer better than hydrogen sticks?

Certainly. Water ionizers deliver the perfect balance of naturally occurring, bioavailable essential minerals and therapeutic molecular hydrogen in every glass.

Tyent water ionizers lead the industry in filtration technology. Our filters are proven to remove up to 99% of toxins and contaminants that threaten your health.

If you want a quick hydrogen water fix when you can’t get to your water ionizer, then it’s much better to use Tyent’s H2 Energize Tablets. Dissolved in water, they deliver a safe and balanced shot of hydrating molecular hydrogen.

We Make Water Ionizers Work for Every Budget

We get it. Hydrogen sticks are pretty cheap to buy, but don’t be duped: don’t waste your money, and don’t take unnecessary risks with your health.

Talk with our team instead about installing a water ionizer at home – we have financing terms starting from only $25 per month, and a Lifetime Guarantee on every water ionizer we sell.

What’s more, our Core Values mean that we’re here to help with any advice, whenever you need it.






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