How Do I Make Hydrogen Water?

It’s no secret that hydrogen water is awesome to drink and can boast more health benefits than we can shake a stick at, but here’s a good question: how do you make hydrogen water?


How do I make Hydrogen Water


Homemade Hydrogen Water!

It might be the hottest health ticket in town, but it’s possible to produce hydrogen water yourself, whenever you feel like a glass of the best-tasting water on the market today.

But how do you do that? Do you need to be a scientist? A medical doctor? An acclaimed nutritionist?

Nope, you don’t. Anyone can make hydrogen water, and in fact, we’ll make it even easier – we’ll give you two ways of doing it!

Hydrogen Water From a Water Ionizer

If you really want to invest in your family’s health, then the best way of infusing the water you drink with masses of pure molecular hydrogen is to install a water ionizer at home.

At the push of a button, your source water is transformed into clean, filtered, hydrogen-rich alkaline water. It tastes so amazing that kids love it – you won’t have any trouble getting them to drink enough water again!


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How to H2 Energize!

Traveling, away from home or just need that extra shot of natural energy?  If you can’t be near your water ionizer, then try H2 Energize Hydrogen Tablets for instant hydrogen water whenever you need it most!

The quantity of hydrogen cannot compare to freshly ionized hydrogen water, but it sure is better than resorting to bottled water or even chemical-laden soda. Simply drop one of our H2 Energize Hydrogen Tablets into your next glass of water for a natural energy boost that you can feel!

Want to Make Even MORE Molecular Hydrogen?

Thanks to the determined dedication of the designers and engineers who work so hard to keep Tyent Water Ionizers ahead of our competitors at every turn, we’re thrilled to bring you an industry groundbreaker – The Hybrid, the first EVER alkaline water machine/molecular hydrogen generator hybrid.

The Hybrid’s performance and power are unmatched – there’s even an Extreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost for that ultimate glass of exhilarating, energy-boosting, molecular hydrogen-rich water.

Want to learn more? Speak with our brilliant team at and discover just how much hydrogen water can do for you!


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8 thoughts on “How Do I Make Hydrogen Water?

    1. Hi, Jax. Hydrogen water, which is water filled with molecular hydrogen (one of the smallest and most powerful antioxidants on the planet), gives you unmatched levels of hydration and energy because the molecular hydrogen is able to penetrate the blood/brain barrier to rejuvenate you from deep within your cells. It’s also got anti-aging properties since our acidic level 1 water or “Beauty Water” is great for both your skin and hair. Also, hydrogen-rich alkaline water from Tyent’s water ionizers is free of the contaminants and chemicals normally found in your tap water.

    1. Hi, Jevonte. Not necessarily, especially since many other alkaline water companies don’t produce hydrogen-rich alkaline water. Plus, a lot of them tend to use baking soda and other chemicals to increase the pH levels of their water. At Tyent, we’re chemical-free. Tyent is proud to say that we’re the industry leaders in that aspect, as all of our water ionizers produce alkaline water that’s full of beneficial molecular hydrogen.

      Let me further clarify what hydrogen water and alkaline water are. Hydrogen water refers to water that has dissolved hydrogen molecules or H2. Alkaline water is produced through electrolysis and has higher pH levels and richer amounts of hydrogen than regular water. Both provide multiple health benefits. At Tyent, while our machines generally produce hydrogen-rich alkaline water, we also have a Hybrid unit that makes hydrogen water at a neutral pH level.

      We would be happy to discuss our water with you over the phone, so please give our water experts a call at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Vivian. It’s good to know that you’re drinking alkaline water. However, we want to point out that bottled alkaline water does not have the same quality and safety as fresh alkaline water straight from a water ionizer. There are companies that just add baking soda to increase the pH of their bottled alkaline water water, which isn’t very beneficial. Also, the immediate detoxifying effects of fresh alkaline water are lost in the bottling process, so even if you use hydrogen tablets with your water, you won’t be able to get the full benefits of alkaline water. Bottled water is also often more expensive, with costs ranging from $2 to $10 for high-end brands. Tyent Water, on the other hand, is only 6 cents a glass.

      Plus, any kind of bottled water isn’t environmentally friendly, as you contribute to the already huge amounts of plastic waste in the USA and on the planet with every bottle that you purchase. Many of these alkaline water brands don’t have molecular hydrogen in their water either.

      On the other hand, Tyent water ionizers produce water with the most molecular hydrogen without relying on chemicals, only superior technology (a dual filtration system and a larger, state-of-the-art electrolysis chamber using premium and durable Solid/Mesh hybrid plates). Molecular hydrogen is a super antioxidant that is great for anti-aging, hydration, recovery during workouts, weight management, and increased energy levels, and it’s also a wonderful natural detox for the skin. Molecular hydrogen has an effect on every major organ in the body. Also, when you have a Tyent water ionizer, you’ll never have to buy another bottle again. Just fill a glass, tumbler, or any other reusable bottle with water, and you’re good to go!

      We would love to talk to you about this over the phone, so please give our water experts a call at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Quashawn. A non-electric alkalizer is definitely not on the same level as an electric water ionizer. It doesn’t ionize your water through electrolysis, only adding a few minerals like magnesium and calcium to turn your water alkaline. While some machines do a decent job of removing contaminants, they don’t get rid of the harsher chemicals like fluoride. Also, a non-electric alkalizer can’t give you water with multiple pH levels that you can use for various tasks at home.

      A water ionizer is the best option you can get to create hydrogen-rich ionized alkaline water that’s clean and healthy. Please call our water experts at 855-893-6887 if you’re interested.

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