Water Ionizers & Pre-filters: Magic Combination Against Unsafe Drinking Water

There are more combinations of tap water contaminants than ever before. The cocktail of toxic elements that your tap water contains will be different to someone living in another part of the country.

When it comes to water filtration, one size does not fit all. In order to protect yourself and your family, you need to take a bespoke approach to cleaning up your water.


Water Ionizers and Pre-filters


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First, you need to know exactly what’s in your water. We make this part easy – simply request your FREE Water Report from Tyent and we’ll work with you to find the right solution.

Installing a Tyent water ionizer at home means that you can filter out the unseen contaminants in your tap water. Other water ionizer companies use a single filter that doesn’t target specific impurities. Tyent is different. We know that our customers want superlative filtration, and no one takes filter technology more seriously than us.

The Tyent Filtration Commitment

Our above-counter and under-counter water ionizers contain filters with a 0.1-micron filter – the same ultra-fine filtration capacity as that found in hospital kidney dialysis machines.

Our commitment to the best water ionizer filtration in the world doesn’t end there. Tyent pre-filters take filter technology to the next level, with solutions tailored to your source water, to ensure that the water you drink is clean, safe and delicious.

Clean Up Your Water With Tyent Pre-Filters

For example, the Tyent 4 Bank Chromium 6 Removal System is an unparalleled solution to the chilling news that at least half the country has source water that contains radiation. The Chromium 6 pre-filter removes deadly toxins from your water, including:

  • 9% of Chromium-6
  • 90-95% of fluoride
  • Heavy metals including 99% of lead, mercury and nickel
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Pharmaceutical residues

What’s more, Tyent filters are so advanced that they take out the dangerous contaminants, without removing essential minerals.

Pre-filters can also fix soft and hard water problems; eliminating scale build-up in hard water areas and re-mineralizing soft water that is low in vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Build YOUR Dream Team!

Whatever your filtration requirements, Tyent has the perfect solution. Protect your family’s health, boost your immune system and enjoy robust support for your overall wellbeing with the perfect water ionizer and pre-filter combination for you!



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