Alkaline Water Ionizer Comparison – UPDATED

Buying a water ionizer for your home? Then you need to make sure that you’re buying the best. We’ll cut to the chase here: the best water ionizers in the world are Tyent Water Ionizers.


Alkaline Water Ionizer Comparison


The reason for this is simple: every Tyent Water Ionizer is built from the ground up to be that way. And it’s not just us who thinks so.

In fact, from the medical establishment to A-list sports stars, people can’t stop singing the praises of Tyent alkaline water. Just look at what Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Michael McKenry told us about his search for an alkaline water ionizer

“It was very easy to find who was at the top. That was Tyent. Tyent USA is THE brand.”

Michael McKenry

So how do Tyent Water Ionizers compare when it comes to our competitors? Let’s look at how Tyent stacks up against Kangen and examine the facts.

1. Tyent Water Ionizers Are a Breeze to Use

Would you rather drive a car with an automatic or manual transmission? Most people prefer automatic because it’s easier. Life is complicated enough, who needs to wrestle with confusing water ionizer controls?

Put it this way, would you rather use an ionizer that requires clunky manual adjustments for virtually every command, or would you prefer the sleek automatic flow control, proximity sensors and multiple presets of a Tyent machine?

Yep. Us too.

2. A Tyent Water Ionizer That’s Designed with YOU in Mind

One of the assumptions our competitors make is that all of their customers’ needs are the same.

At Tyent, we know that your water needs are just as individual as you are. Our water ionizers are fully customizable to work with your unique source water – no matter what it is.

The same cannot be said for Kangen machines. Try setting up a Kangen ionizer with a hard water supply and get ready for it to…well, not work.

3. A Tyent Ionizer Is Built with Cutting-Edge Technology

Your water ionizer’s power supply really matters. Older transformer power supplies like those built into Kangen ionizers are prone to overheating. SMPS units are resistant to overheating but not as reliable as transformers.

For our engineers, neither option was good enough. Our team of designers and engineers went back to the drawing board to conceive a brand-new, advanced SMPS-plus power source that was reliable in every sense, as well as being incredibly powerful.

4. Tyent Water Ionizers Produce Cleaner, Healthier Water

Tyent Water Ionizers have the most advanced filtration in the industry and utilize two state-of-the-art filters, while Kangen’s ionizers have just one standard-issue filter.

No company takes filtration more seriously than Tyent – and no one beats us for water quality, taste and complete transparency when it comes to the list of toxic chemicals that our filters remove.

5. Tyent’s Ionizers Are Cheaper Than Kangen Machines

Our most cutting-edge, innovative and technologically-advanced water ionizers come with a lifetime warranty – including parts – and a generous 75 day returns policy.

Kangen machines cannot compare, with a 5-year-warranty and an are-you-kidding-me 3-day return policy. 3 days. That’s barely enough time to get the machine out of the box and working.

And here’s the clincher: Tyent water ionizers cost $1000’s LESS than Kangen machines, despite being superior in every way.

6. The Only Choice Is Tyent

Our Core Values mean that we want to impress you, from the moment we first chat with you over the phone, to every day that you drink delicious, hydrogen-rich Tyent Water.

That’s why we’ve made it our business to beat every competitor on price, quality and service – every time.

Give our friendly team of experts a call – you’ll like speaking with them, and you’ll LOVE our water ionizer deals. Head on over to our buying guide to find the perfect ionizer for YOUR needs!


This blog was originally published in July 2015 and has been updated and revised for accuracy


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6 thoughts on “Alkaline Water Ionizer Comparison – UPDATED

    1. Hi, Jeremiah. Thanks for your question. The Tyent Water Ionizer works like this: the water goes through an electrolysis chamber to separate the alkaline water from the acidic water (pulls them apart and creates two streams). Acidic pH water comes out of one side and alkaline comes out of the other side through the two tubes that you can see in pictures and videos.

      When you press the button to choose the type of water that you want, the long tube on the top dispenses the water of your choice, and the smaller tube is the runoff. The runoff is the opposite of the water that you choose. Some people save the runoff. For example, if you choose alkaline water to drink, then the runoff would be acidic. Acidic water is good for your skin and hair and to water your plants. I also use it to clean, especially for containers that hold onto soapy or food smells when they come out of the dishwasher. You can always test the pH with the drops that were sent in the box to make sure the pH is right (in a little bag with a small pH chart).

      If you’d like to know more about Tyent water ionizers and alkaline water, please call our water experts at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Luigi. All Tyent water ionizers use Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates with a very large 7” x 4¾” surface area. These offer the durability of a solid plate and go a step further by having electrolysis distribution holes strategically placed throughout the surfaces to provide the most groundbreaking electrolysis chamber in the world. Our plates are platinum-coated titanium and dipped multiple times in platinum for strength and durability.

      We’d be happy to talk to you further about our machines, so go ahead and call us at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Lillian. For their water ionizers, Kangen still uses solid plates. When solid plates (Kangen/Enagic) alone are used, there is not enough electrolysis produced to provide optimum -ORP and pH levels. At Tyent, we use upgraded Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates that are both sturdier and more conducive to electrolysis.

      If you want to know more about this, feel free to call us at 855-893-6887.

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