The ONLY Water Ionizer to Make PC World’s Extreme Tech List

In the world of fast-moving, next-generation technology, it takes a LOT to distinguish the products that really are game-changers.


The ONLY Water Ionizer to Make PC World’s Extreme Tech List


Who Made The Extreme Tech List?

When PC World compiled its Extreme Tech list, it sought out the “22 devices that push the limits of technology in almost every way.”

One of the high-tech handful that made the cut? Tyent Water Ionizer machines. No other water ionizer was featured on the list and we’re proud to have that kind of recognition from such an expert authority.

Tyent Water Ionizers: Innovation and Performance

Our pride in making the list is two-fold. Firstly, Tyent invests an enormous amount of resources and energy into pushing technical and scientific boundaries when it comes to our water ionizers. Seeing some of the high-tech features make the leap from design blueprint, to engineering innovation and finally being incorporated into our latest water ionizer model is a fabulous part of the job.

Secondly, the thing that underpins everything that Tyent stands for: our customers being happy. We want to build the best, most powerful water ionizers in the world so that our customers can enjoy the incredible benefits of alkaline water jam-packed with therapeutic molecular hydrogen.

Tyent engineers and designers are some of the best in the industry. They work exceptionally hard to bring every Tyent customer incredible innovation and performance at a competitive price.

Delivering Excellence Every Day

Our reputation as innovators suits us fine. Tyent water ionizers launch more industry firsts than any of our nearest competitors. We’re proud of our position at the forefront of water ionizer technology and Tyent’s designers, engineers, innovators, support staff and customer teams work hard to deliver excellence every single day.


Trailblazing Tyent!

When it comes to technology, performance and power, we don’t trail anyone: we trail-blaze. Our inclusion on the PC World Extreme Tech List is a fantastic acknowledgment of what Tyent stands for – tomorrow’s most exciting water ionizer technology, today!


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