There’s a Pre-Filter For That!

Pre-Filters are truly brilliant things. The right pre-filter can give you the best filtration solutions and help to protect and lengthen the life of your main filter.

So how do they work? Tyent offers a range of advanced pre-filters that will give you the control and performance you need.

There a Pre-Filter for that!


Water Ionizer Technology (WIT) Cell Safe Anti-Scale Hard Water Filter

Hard water? Our discreet composite filter eliminates scale build-up. The result? Protection for the long-term health of your water ionizer.


WIT Cell Safe Anti-Scale Hard Water Filter with ultra upgrade for 20% More Media!

Our amazing inline pre-filter doesn’t require a canister/housing and will eliminate scale build-up. This pre-filter has 20% more media than the regular Cell Safe Anti-Scale Hard Water Filter, which means it will filter out even more calcium!  Live in a very hard water area? Install this and your water ionizer will thank you!


WIT 2-Bank Fluoride System

This powerful duo reduces fluoride and arsenic by up to 95% AND at Stage Two, acts as a scale control media while reducing lead, mercury and nickel as well as hydrogen sulfide, manganese and chloramines.


WIT T-Pure (3) Bank Filter System

This brilliant multiple pre-filter does so much to improve the quality of your drinking water. Stage One is a micron carbon block that absorbs taste and odor contaminants AND removes heavy sediment to protect your main filter.

Stage Two uses activated alumina to reduce fluoride and arsenic by up to 95%. Finally, Stage Three filtration reduces heavy metals such as lead, mercury and nickel as well as reducing hydrogen sulfide, manganese and chloramines.



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WIT (4) Bank Chromium-6 Removal System

Looking for a comprehensive pre-filter solution? This advanced system boasts:

  • A fluoride pre-filter
  • A strong anion exchange resin for the removal of Chromium-6
  • KDF55 combined with catalytic carbon for the reduction of heavy metals including lead, mercury and nickel
  • Also reduces iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and chloramines


WIT Sediment Filter

Your source water can introduce sediment to your water ionizer, which can lead to clogging and damage requiring repair. This brilliant Sediment Filter ensnares dust particles and sediment to safeguard your water ionizer and keep it in great health!


Soft Water Buddy” – Remineralization Filter

If you use a water softener or a reverse osmosis unit, then your water could be depleted of essential minerals vital for good health. Our Soft Water Buddy is the easiest and most effective way to remineralize your water.



Best Prices Right Now!

We can promise you our very best prices on Tyent pre-filters if you buy now. Show your water ionizer a little extra love and reap the benefits!


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