10 Things Wrong With Kangen/Enagic

Enagic is the company behind Kangen water ionizers, a recognizable name in the industry and one of the first companies to bring water ionizer machines to a wider audience. But do Kangen machines still have what it takes to compete with today’s ultra-advanced water ionizers?

The short answer is no, they don’t. Enagic might have the historic industry credentials, but there is a list of issues with several aspects of the company and its products that means its customers are being served up a raw deal.


10 Things WRONG With Kangen Enagic


Judge for yourself:

1. Chemicals With Your Water? The Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer that helps to conjure Kangen’s ‘Strong acidic water’ contains Sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach. The trace amounts of this chemical that reach the drinking water are – unsurprisingly – not specified by the company.

2. The K8 – ‘Enagic’s most powerful antioxidant machine’ – features only 8 solid plates. For one thing, solid plates are less powerful than solid/mesh hybrid plates. For another, a total of 8 plates is simply unimpressive. The Tyent ACE-13 contains 13 large, platinum-dipped, titanium Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates for a performance that leaves Kangen machines in the dust.

3. Tyent water ionizers feature some of the best, dual-filtration filters in the business. By contrast, every Enagic machine features just one standard filter. It’s expensive too, but is it any good? Read on.

4. That one filter removes…what? It’s hard for customers to know, as Enagic is reticent about specifying which contaminants are removed by the filter, and which ones are left in your drinking water.

5. Enagic doesn’t seem to be overly bothered about giving their customers the opportunity to experience any Kangen water benefits before the trial period – a measly 3 days – expires. What does that tell you?

6. Similarly, Enagic is dismissive of their customers when it comes to warranties. For example, Tyent offers a Lifetime Warranty on every water ionizer we sell. The best Enagic can come up with is a 3 – 5-year guarantee on their water ionizers. Who can blame customers for looking elsewhere?

7. Enagic is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business. Their customers pay over the odds for a water ionizer in order to fund commission payments from their sales. MLM is rarely a customer-friendly business model, and Enagic is no exception.

8. And still with the price of Enagic water ionizers, despite Tyent machines offering more plate power, better filtration, cutting-edge, next-generation technology and that Lifetime guarantee, our prices are lower!

9. Enagic water ionizers haven’t moved with the times in terms of how they look, either. White plastic casing is a standard feature, along with old-style LCD displays, no pre-sets (the Tyent UCE-11 has 99 pre-sets, for example) and a utility appearance that owes more to the white goods of two decades ago, than to the sleek style that consumers aspire to in 2020.

10. When a company offers minimum-level customer benefits, such as that 3-day trial period, a limited warranty and only scant information about vital issues such as contaminant removal, it points to a company that doesn’t prioritize customer care. Tyent could not be more different – our Core Values means that customer happiness is at the heart of everything we do.

The Future for Enagic/Kangen?

Who knows? The water ionizer industry has changed in the past few years. It’s hard to see how long Enagic can compete unless they overhaul and update their water ionizer technology, machines and approach to selling.

The harsh truth is that customers deserve better. Will Enagic respond to a changing market or continue to hope that its past reputation is enough to attract new customers?

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on important customer issues like warranties and MLM business models? Have you had a bad experience with either? What matters to you most when it comes to making a major purchase?




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    1. Hi, Monika. Our water ionizer pricing sometimes changes because of the sales that we’re running. Check out some of our top-selling units, which are the Alkaline H2 Hybrid, the ACE-13, and the UCE-13. Each page has the specs, terms, prices, and awesome demo videos so that you can learn more about our machines.

      All of our units come with a Lifetime Warranty with no fine print, a deal that covers both parts and service. Plus, we offer a 75-day trial!

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