Which Water Ionizers Make Hydrogen Water?

Hyperbole is so often the norm nowadays.  Exaggeration and overstatement are seamlessly slipped into our conversation as standard.  Good?  No, it’s amazingly awesome!  Spot of bad luck?  Nope, it has to be a complete and utter disaster.

Hydrogen Water
Hydrogen-rich water is the best thing to wake up to!

Hydrogen and the Hype

Despite that, some things really are deserving of whatever superlatives you can throw at them, and hydrogen is one of them.  To describe it as literally the stuff of life isn’t an exaggeration.  To point out that hydrogen is scientifically proven to contribute unique, wonderful things to our overall health is not an overstatement.

So where can we get as much as possible of this amazing stuff?

Does Your Ionizer Create Hydrogen? 

water ionizer
The ALL NEW Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Water Ionizer

It’s not a trick question.  Hydrogen is produced in several ways, but one of the most accessible and effective in terms of your health, is by electrolysis that occurs during the process of ionizing water.

So get an ionizer, right?  Yes, but here’s the rub — not all ionizers create hydrogen in significant levels, or indeed at all.  Many ionizers produce a concentration of hydrogen that falls below the detection limit of 0.01 ppm.  It’s certainly no exaggeration to say that all ionizers are not created equally.

Hydrogen in Tyent Water

Every glass of water from your Tyent ionizer will be rich with therapeutic, bio-available hydrogen to help boost your energy, fight damaging and age-accelerating free-radicals and even help with gum health! The benefits of drinking pure and natural dissolved hydrogen really are astonishing.

If you’ve done the research, and have decided that purchasing an ionizer is your next step, then make sure that you’re planning to buy the proven best ionizer on the market. It’s not just us who says that Tyent is the best; we’re the proud recipients of the 2017 Water Ionizer of the Year Award — a title we’ve held eight times since 2009.

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Here at Every Stage

We want you to be really happy with your purchase.  To that end, we offer a matchless 75-day trial period, along with a lifetime guarantee as standard.  Any questions?  Call us at .  There’s nothing we enjoy more than talking about Tyent water and it’s amazing benefits — no exaggeration!

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4 thoughts on “Which Water Ionizers Make Hydrogen Water?

  1. Hydrogen rich water or ionized water is a savior for skin damaging and age-accelerating as it is used by Japanese from way long. I was very curious to know how they all look so young at such ages. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi, Sekun. Thanks for your comment. You can learn more about the antioxidant- and mineral-rich water that Tyent’s water ionizers produce by reading this article on molecular hydrogen.

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