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Dirty sink    Much has been written lately on the subject of water.  Water not only covers most of the Earth, it now covers much of the news.

One would be hard pressed to pick up a newspaper or to watch television without seeing a story involving water in some capacity.


With rain, droughts, floods, pollution, mudslides, chemical spills, bans, and more, water is the trending topic these days.  According to the website 247wallst.com, ten cities in California are on the brink of running out of water altogether.  The effects this potential disaster will have on commerce in these cities and across the country are immeasurable.


 Tap Water-the ugly truth


 No Drink    It is no secret that the water coming out of our tap at home is laden with chemicals.  Virtually hundreds of chemicals are present in tap water across the country.  Even more unnerving is the fact that there are over 200 chemicals that aren’t subject to any Government regulation or safety standards for drinking water.


A report by dailyfinance.com referenced a study done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) out of Washington, DC, that examined the quality of water in American cities in a five-year study.  The criteria used to determine the result were these.


  • The percentage of chemicals found based on the number tested for


  • The total number of contaminants found in the water


  • The most dangerous average level of a single pollutant


The major cities determined to have the worst water in America were compiled in a top-ten list.

The following two sentences were taken verbatim from the dailyfinance.com website.

Test results from EWG’s national database covered a total of 316 contaminants in water supplied to 256 million Americans in 48,000 communities in 45 states.  According to the data, among the contaminants were 202 chemicals that aren’t subject to any government regulation or safety standards for drinking water.


Here are the top three in reverse order


  • Las Vegas, Nevada – You are taking a real gamble if you drink the water in Las Vegas.  Pegged as the third worst water in America, this municipality has some really nasty chemicals in it.  Of the thirty chemicals present in the water, twelve were discovered that exceeded the EPA’s health guidelines including lead and arsenic, increasing the odds of ill health from its consumption.


  • Riverside, California – Coming in second with a population of around 300,000 inhabitants, in Riverside, 15 of the 30 chemicals found exceeded health guidelines while 1 actually exceeded legal standards.  Bromoform (a form of trihalomethane), was also present and poses a severe health risk to consumers.


  • Pensacola, Florida – The number 1 worst drinking water in America resides in sunny Florida.  Of the 101 harmful chemicals tested for, 45 were found in their water.  Of those chemicals, 21 were found in unhealthy amounts.  Benzene and lead were also present at dangerous levels.


One doesn’t have to be a chemist to realize that our nation’s tap water is filled with poisonous chemicals.  You take your health in your hands with each drink you take.


 Scientist -Chemist    Tyent USA is dedicated to providing you with the finest water purifiers in the world.  Of the many hazardous chemicals listed in this article, our ionized alkaline water systems virtually eliminate many of them or reduce their presence to acceptable levels.


As examples, the Bromoform present in Riverside, California water is completely neutralized by the Tyent’s water filtration systems, along with 100% removal of all Trihalomethanes.

 The Benzene in Pensacola’s water is filtered out 100%.

 The poisonous Lead found in the water of Las Vegas is filtered out totally by the Tyent’s ionized alkaline water machines.  You can’t buy a better and more effective water filtration system anywhere in the world than the units available from Tyent USA.


 Clean water drop    Obtain a free report from your water provider and look into the condition of the municipal water in your city to see how many chemicals are present in what you are drinking.  What you discover may shock you.  What Tyent can do may save you.


To learn more go to Tyentusa.com.


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  1. In addition to this, drinking alkaline water was the best decision I made for my health. I am an asthmatic have a low immune system and suffer from allergies. Alkaline and Acidic water has changed my way of life for the better. I beat every flu and virus that comes around, my allergies are less effective and the extra hydration helps my work outs to quench my thirst and keep me going.”

  2. The whole team at Tyent is the best team I ever worked with. We all work together as a team in shaping the best user experience for our client. Together we aim at one goal – Water for Wellness.  ”

    1. Hi, Eva. We’re glad to keep you informed. Feel free to browse the rest of the blog if you want to learn more about Tyent and the benefits of alkaline water.

  3. Thanks for reiterating the public water supply situation here in the US. To think we have so many good sources of water here! How sad!!

    1. Hi, Jody. We’re glad to keep you informed. The proper water filtration is important to our health, and that’s what we at Tyent prioritize and bring to your homes.

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