Chemical Spill Spreads Fear And Confusion in West Virginia


Chemical Spill in West Virginia Spreads Fear And Danger 



Chemical-spill    Back in January, water was on the lips of most residents of Charleston, West Virginia.  Well, at least the word water was.

That particular Friday morning, workers at the Freedom Industries plant noticed a 35,000-gallon holding tank was leaking the chemical MCHM into the Elk River.  Citizens were informed that Charleston’s municipal water system had been contaminated and that Governor Earl Ray Tomblin had ordered a ban on all drinking, bathing, or cooking with city water.  As word and panic of the spill spread, nine more counties were added to the list.


By noon, more than 3oo,ooo people were without water for any purpose.  All businesses and schools were closed throughout the city.




 What is MCHM?


MCHM, or 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, is an organic solvent used almost exclusively in the washing of coal.  Organic however, does not mean harmless.  Since its main use is industrial, little study has been done in the field of safety although people are encouraged to not come in direct contact with the chemical. 

Exposure has been known to cause eye irritation and skin rash.  While the company responsible for the spill downplayed the danger to consumers, it is worth noting that 50% of the fathead minnows in the Elk River were killed in that spill.

The risks and potential damaging effects of long-term exposure to humans are not widely known and the good citizens of Charleston were not eager to become unwilling test subjects.



Richard Sachleben, a pharmaceutical research and development worker stated, “We may not have the information to know whether it’s really safe for the general population,” including children, the elderly, the sick or pregnant women, shutting down the region’s water supply was an “appropriate level of precaution.”


Clean Water is becoming scarcer everyday.  We can’t count on our local or even federal officials for that matter, to insure our water safety.  There are just too many variables as proven by the Charleston spill and others.


Thankfully, we can take measures ourselves toward protecting us from potentially dangerous drinking water.




 Tyent USA is in the pure water business and is a proven world leader in the field.  Our award winning ionized alkaline water systems such as the Tyent MMP 9090 T and the UCE 9000 T models for home or office, deliver the purest water of any machine on the market.

If you weren’t aware, the effectiveness of the water filtration systems on these two models was recently tested by Envirotek Laboratories, a State Certified Environmental Laboratory with results that impressed even the scientists conducting the tests.

Hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals were introduced into the Tyent machines and at much higher concentrations than normal.  Test after test and time after time, the Tyent units filtered down to safe levels or even removed completely, any trace of their presence.

Believe these were run of the mill safe chemicals being thrown in to make Tyent look good?  Hardly.  Here’s a chemical that they tested.  MCHM.  Sound familiar?  That’s the chemical spilled in Charleston.

How did the Tyent machines do in purifying water saturated with 4-methylcyclohexane methanol?

Both the MMP 9090 T and the UCE 900 T proved extremely effective in removing that chemical from the water.  In fact, these machines removed 98.6% of the MCHM.



 Excellent!    Impressive but not finished.  The Tyent USA ionized alkaline water purifiers filtered out and purified water laden with chemicals much more dangerous than MCHM.  Many of the hundreds of harmful chemicals were removed 100%!  I don’t like to use exclamation marks but when I read those test results I was stunned at the effectiveness of these machines.

Don’t place your good health in the hands of others.  No one looks out for you better than you do.

The dangerous chemicals present in today’s tap water are so numerous they cannot be avoided, but you can virtually eliminate them with an ionized alkaline water purifier from Tyent USA.


For more information on these amazingly effective machines, and to learn more about ionized alkaline water and the remarkable health benefits it offers, please go to


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