What Your Kitchen Appliances Say About You!

Think that kitchen appliances are anonymous gadgets there to do their job? Think again. Your kitchen appliances say as much about you as the contents of your closet. Read on to learn how to read a person by their choice of toaster!


What your kitchen appliances say about you


1. Matched Up? 

If your kitchen gadgets are all perfectly matching from the same range, then you’re someone who likes things just so. Your work and domestic To-Do lists are all ticked off daily, and your friends refer to you as ‘the organized one.’

In fact, you’re so organized that you even remember to pack some energy-boosting hydrogen tablets with you whenever you’re away from home so that you’re never without hydrogen water!


2. The Latest Bullet Blender

Having a bullet blender is A Thing, obviously. The message is: fitness, nutrition and wellbeing matter. Having the very latest model that crushes ice in seconds and turns raw kale into something palatable suggests that you look as sleek and impressive as your shiny new blender – or soon will!

And you’ll need a few amazing smoothie recipes to show off your blending skills, so enjoy these delicious ideas on us!


3. Eclectic Chic?

“The coffee pot? Oh, we picked it up in Italy…it’s tiny but the coffee tastes amazing. It goes so well with this thrift-store set of china. Pop your cup next to the tortilla press. We hardly use it, but it’s beautifully made, we love it!”  You get the picture. Your kitchen is like you: a glorious (if a little chaotic) fusion of uplifting, interesting things.

If you’re visiting someone like this, then take along a gift of our sensational beauty soap. It will appeal to their love of beautiful things created with a craftsman’s attention to detail!


4. Smart Fridge

Refrigerators were due an upgrade. Just keeping things cold is so 2013. If you are the proud owner of a Smart Fridge that photographs its own contents, alerts you to when produce is going out of date and plays a little music to accompany you when you cook, then you’re tech-savvy and love to be in touchpad control of your life.

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5. Water Ionizer

Installing a super-stylish water ionizer in your kitchen says several things about you: you’re switched on to the risks of drinking bottled or tap water; and maximizing and protecting your health is a big deal to you. You only want the best for your family, and you love having great–tasting hydration at the push of a button!


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