What Is a Water Ionizer?

Going back to basics is often a brilliantly useful exercise.  We talk a lot about the wonders of hydrogen in ionized water, specifically the effect that all of those antioxidants have on your body and the myriad ways that your health can improve as a result of drinking Tyent water.

what is a water ionizer
What does “going to back to basics” mean to you?

Maybe every now and then, we should look more closely at the source of all these incredible benefits.  After all, how much do you really know about how ionized water is actually produced?

What’s Inside an Ionizer?

That super-sleek finish of the under counter or countertop ionizer conceals the compartments where the magic all happens!

A Tyent ionizer is fitted directly to the tap, so that water flows into the unit and passes through our amazing filters.  We don’t use the word “amazing” lightly; Tyent filters are unmatched, possessing the same filtration capabilities as kidney dialysis machines.

Highly Charged Process

The filtered water then flows into the electrolysis chamber and over electrically charged plates, constructed from titanium plates dipped multiple times in platinum.

Positive and negative electrical charges pass through the water in a process called electrolysis, which separates it into two streams of water – acidic and alkaline.  The final phase is when the ionized, filtered water passes through a membrane before being ready to drink!

The Same Point, En Pointe

It sounds complex and time consuming, but all of this happens at the simple touch of a button!  It might sound like an odd analogy, but it’s a little like watching a Prima Ballerina execute the perfect arabesque.  The moment she does it, it looks breathtakingly effortless.  Behind that flawless moment is years of arduous training and refining her technique.

water ionizer

And so it is when you press a button on your Tyent ionizer, and pure, ionized water flows out.  Behind that simple touch of the control panel is the complex amalgam of superb engineering, chemistry and design that makes Tyent ionizers quite simply, the best in the world!

Why not call us now at to find out which of our ionizers is best for you?

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