Is Ionized Alkaline Water the Best to Drink? (Version 2)

It is only Monday and the Mail Bag is full.  Over the weekend we received question after question from people all over the world wanting to know more about water ionizers, with many wanting to know how Tyent Water stacks up against bottled water.  

How is Tyent Water better? Let us count the ways...
How is Tyent Water better? Let us count the ways…

The first question is this one:

Is Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer the Best to Drink?

Actually, many people asked a similar question and the answer to them all is yes…ionized alkaline water is the best to drink.  Let’s do a little comparing and some comparison-shopping.

We can start with the most obvious water vs. water match-up, which is ionized alkaline water versus bottled water.  Now the average cost of a bottle of store-bought drinking water across the United States is around a $1.50 for 20 ounces. 

Consider this — if you drink only one bottle per day (which is way below the daily-recommended intake of water), you will spend nearly $550.00 a year.  That is at 1 bottle per day.  Drink 2 bottles a day and you are looking at a vacation.  

Water from a Tyent Water Ionizer Runs About 6¢ a Glass 

That’s about 25 glasses of water from a water ionizer for the price of one bottle of water, with no contribution to the landfill nor leached petrol by-products to drink. 

Throw in, or better said, throw out 365 plastic bottles and caps to help pollute the planet, and you can see how bottled water is much more expensive than just the considerable expense of drinking it.

Are you adding to the pollution problem?
Are you adding to our pollution problem?

It’s About More than Money

However, that’s just the money part.  Now there is the question of the purity of bottled water.  It is a fact that nearly 25% of all bottled water is glorified tap water.  That is to say, it is water that has been taken from the water supply of a municipality (city water) and been cleaned up by any number of processes (including the addition of chemicals).  Bottled city water. 

Even if the bottled water you buy is better than tap water, the problem still exists of not only polluting the Earth in the manufacturing of plastic but in the petrol-based plastic leaching chemicals into the water. This happens as those plastic bottles begin to break down, which can happen rather quickly when the plastic is exposed to any heat like in a hot car.        

So How is Ionized Alkaline Water Any Better?

Where to begin?  Let’s start with a water ionizer from The Tyent Alkaline Water Company.  This remarkable machine transforms the ordinary water at your house into mineral-rich, ionized alkaline water. 

Okay…so what is ionized alkaline water?

Ionized alkaline water is water that has been run through a water ionizer.  With Tyent Water, the process begins when water is introduced into a Tyent machine.  The superior filtration system incorporated into every Tyent water ionizer vastly reduces or even eliminates over 200 dangerous contaminants, including 99% of lead, found in every-day water. See more about our filters here:

Once filtered, the water is subjected to a series of positive and negative electrical charges as the water is passed over 11 Solid Mesh Hybrid Titanium Plates that are dipped and baked multiple times in platinum, ensuring the highest standard of quality.

The final result is a purer water that is rich in hydrogen and minerals as well as filled with healthy antioxidants.  Bottled water can’t compare.

Let’s Talk About Water Ionizers

There is much more to know about healthy alkaline water from Tyent water ionizers, and we could talk about it all day. Give us a call at  to learn more!

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