What Makes People Fall in Love With Their Ionized Alkaline Water Ionizer From Tyent? – Let’s Find Out! (New + Improved!)

Love is in the air and it isn’t even spring yet.  I refer to those people who purchased a Tyent alkaline water ionizer and the love they have for their machines.  It’s true; people truly love all the benefits that come with owning a water ionizer from Tyent and they have told us so in countless, unsolicited, unpaid, testimonials. And it makes sense. After all, Tyent ionizers are a brilliant combination of beauty and brains. 

What might some of those benefits be you may ask?  Excellent question!

To begin with, clean water.  Tyent’s Dual Filtration System provides superior filtering that reduces the presence of hundreds of the most dangerous chemicals lurking in your water at home to safe levels.  This proven ability is what helped Tyent machines win the coveted title Ionizer of the Year for the past three years in a row and counting.

Then there is the taste.  People from all walks of life love the taste of Tyent Water and agree that Tyent Alkaline Water doesn’t have any metallic taste often caused by old iron pipes or have that plastic taste you get from bottled water or cheap counter top models.

If cleaner, better tasting water isn’t enough, then there is the healthy aspect of drinking ionized alkaline water.  Many of those who invested in our water ionizers have come back to us freely offering their testimony about how much better they feel since they began drinking ionized alkaline water.

I have listed these many times (and there are more to list) but they are worth repeating, especially, if you are unfamiliar with them.

The Tyent Water Difference

1.       Cleaner, fresher tasting water 

2.       Highly filtered with an impressive reduction in the presence of dangerous chemicals 

3.       Helps detoxify the body with its ability to flush toxins and fat cells 

4.       Noticeably faster recovery time from physical exertion due to superior hydrating properties 

5.       Contains natural and necessary minerals along with a boatload of antioxidants 

You don’t have to be a scientist or have a Masters Degree in H20 to recognize that Tyent Water is head and shoulders above the water you may be currently drinking.  

I mentioned the word love in the opening of this article in describing how people feel about their Tyent machines and I didn’t throw that word in there to sound more convincing.  People do love their alkaline water ionizers for multiple reasons as evidenced in the following testimonies.

Rico-ConnerHere is what professional body builder and author Rico Conner says about hydration and Tyent alkaline water.

  Tyent Water is essential for the best hydration attainable.”

Read what Kim Batey had to say about her significant weight loss of nearly 40 pounds.

“I flushed my fat with Tyent Alkaline water.”  “I am looking forward to coming down some more.”

Larisa gets a triple dip with her testimony.

 Tyent Water has helped me maintain clearer skin, maintain my weight and avoid nasty colds.”

These testimonies are merely the tip of the iceberg of the people who have fallen in love with their alkaline water ionizers from Tyent.

Want to find out if you and Tyent Water would make a great match too? Give us a call at  to set up the first date.

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