Going Green in the Kitchen

If you’re not careful, cooking can be a wasteful affair. Between the waste produced from food, packaging, and trash, you could find yourself making quite the negative impact on the environment.

Clean up your kitchen act, and go green in the kitchen, with these earth-friendly kitchen gadgets, usage tips, and more.

Begin composting. Composting is a great go-green tool in your kitchen arsenal. Composting is the best way to recycle food scraps and peels. Instead of throwing these things away and contributing to landfills, compost them in your soil. You get the added bonus of enriching your soil, so if you ever wanted to start gardening, now’s the time. With the right tools, starting a compost pile can be simple, so get composting!

Only buy recycled kitchenware. Buy dishes and glassware made from recycled materials. If you want to help independent businesses thrive at the same time, check out Etsy for trendy recyclables. Many artists create glasses and pitchers out of recycled wine bottles, vintage glassware, and more, which adds both style and eco-consciousness to your kitchen.

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Upgrade your appliances. While it may cost more in the short-term, in the long-term, you’ll save money on wasted energy if you upgrade your appliances to today’s green versions. For example, you can purchase green dishwashers that use less water, and green refrigerators that require less energy to keep your food just as cold. You’ll notice a leaner energy bill. But be sure to recycle your old appliances instead of throwing them in the dumpster!

Buy local. Buying local food has two central benefits for the environment. First, buying local food reduces the amount of transportation to get your food to you. Have you ever bought produce at the supermarket, only to notice that the produce has been shipped to the store from across the hemisphere? That’s a lot of energy and gas to get a product that you could’ve purchased at your local farmer’s market. Which brings us to the other benefit of buying local at a farmer’s market. You can take your own bags and boxes to get the food, which cuts out the plastic bags and packaging that grocery stores always utilize.

Say goodbye to water bottles. If you’re using a lot of water bottles, you’re on the right track—you know you need cleaner water than the questionable liquid coming out of the tap. But buying bottled water creates a great deal of excess waste in the form of the bottles, which can also contain harmful chemicals. Isn’t that what you’re trying to avoid by buying bottled water? With a water ionizer from Tyent, you receive fresh, ultra-clean water right out of your tap, for hydration that’s as green as it is clean.

Check out our under-the-counter water ionizer to maximize counter space surrounding your sink.

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