Vacationing with Alkaline Water? Stay Alkaline and Happy on the Road!

Traveling musicians and comedians always talk about how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet on the road. And without all the comforts of home, like your Tyent water ionizer, it can be difficult for anyone to get the alkaline water they need to feel their best.

Alkaline water is great for kids and pets too!
Alkaline water is great for kids and pets too!

That’s why Tyent came up with the TYgo portable alkalizer, so water ionizer owners never have to go without alkaline water, even on the road. Whether you are the front man for a rock band, or the driver of your local carpool, the TYgo alkalizer is your answer to stay alkaline on the go!

The TYgo Alkalizer Portable Water Ionizer

TYgo is easy to use and delicious to drink from!
TYgo is easy to use and delicious to drink from!

The TYgo is a alkalizer and water bottle all in one super portable contraption and it is really easy to use. Simply fill the central chamber with any tap water and watch as the water runs through the filter medium, alkaline mineral cartridge, and magnetic field. This combination of miniature alkalizing materials filters out the harmful chlorine and heavy metals that are often found in tap water and produces a bottle of clean, fresh, alkaline water.

Each TYgo filter cartridge can filter up to 800 liters of water and is 100% replaceable. Drink it down and refill for a (nearly) endless supply of alkaline water away from home.

Benefits of the TYgo Alkalizer

The primary benefit of the TYgo alkalizer is the ability to have alkaline water even while you are away from your water ionizer. This means that you have constant access to the antioxidants that are in alkaline water, as opposed to the acidic drinks that are often available at fast food joints and gas stations.

Common Acidic Drinks and Their pH Levels:

  • Coca-Cola has a pH of 3.2
  • Gatorade a pH of around 3
  • Lemon-Lime soda is around pH 3.7
  • Red Bull about pH 3.4
  • Starbucks coffee comes in at a pH of 4.8

As you can see, some of the most plentiful beverages that people consume away from home have acidic pH levels. With a TYgo alkalizer in your to-go bag, you can keep your blood levels alkaline and your energy levels up.

Environmental Benefits of the TYgo

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Besides the personal health effects, a reusable alkaline water bottle like the TYgo also saves the environment. Imagine the amount of plastic you could save if you never used another disposable water bottle! The benefits to the environment would be enormous.

You can’t take your water ionizer with you everywhere you go, but you can take a portable TYgo alkalizer. Get a TYgo today and never be without alkaline water again!

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