Back-to-School Hydration Tips for Kids

What was your favorite part of back-to-school as a kid? Maybe it was the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, or the excitement of a new classroom, or getting to see those playmates you didn’t get to see over the summer. Whatever your favorite part of school was, you probably weren’t crazy about getting ill (cough medicine—gross!). Now, as a parent, wouldn’t you try to do everything in your power to ensure your kid doesn’t become sick during the school year?

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As parents, we tend to focus so much of our energy on the complicated parts of raising our children: making sure they’re registered for the right classes, giving them preventative medicines and vitamins, and signing them up for the coolest extracurricular activities. But for your child’s health, one of the best things you can do is also one of the most basic: keep your child hydrated.

Dehydration in children can lead to vomiting, sleepiness, poor performance in class, and bladder issues. Kids who are extremely active in their playtime can become dehydrated very quickly, and even less active children can be prone to drinking fewer fluids than they should.

In honor of the back-to-school season, follow these dehydration tips for children to boost your child’s immune system and overall health.

Pack multiple drinks in your child’s lunchbox. Instead of packing one juicebox, give your child several drinks—perhaps one juicebox, one mini bottle of water, and one flavored water as a special treat. Even if your child doesn’t drink all three, having options will ensure that he or she drinks something during lunchtime, instead of only munching on the snacks you packed.

Encourage your kid to eat water-rich foods. At home and in the lunchbox, encourage your child to eat water-rich foods like grapes, watermelon, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes.

Let your child drink what he or she wants—within reason. Water is always going to be the healthiest drink for both kids and adults, but if plain water makes them turn their noses up, give your kids a little more freedom. Milk, natural juice, and flavored water all work. However, to help them avoid a caffeine or sugar addiction early in life, never let them try your soda (or worse, take one to school).

Chocolate milk is not calorie-free like water, but it’s better than nothing. Much has been made of the health effects of chocolate milk, especially because the sweet treat is sold in schools across the country. But recent surprising evidence shows that chocolate milk can be healthy, especially for active people. Compromise with your child: One bottle of water equals one small carton of chocolate milk, for example.

Give your child a straw. It may sound strange, but we actually drink more when we’re drinking through a straw. With a straw, kids will be encouraged to drink more fluids, and they may enjoy the fun factor of having a straw in their favorite color.

Get your family to drink alkaline ionized water. We recommend buying a Tyent water ionizer to start reaping the benefits of alkaline ionized water, which can add beneficial nutrients and extra hydration to your family’s diet. Especially for the little ones, who can become dehydrated so easily, this kind of water is perfect to give them a boost on their future health.

Want to pack alkaline ionized water in your child’s lunch—and have the water retain its alkaline properties? Get your kid a GoodLife bottle—available in colors like purple and silver—to keep his or her alkaline ionized water cold (and alkaline) for up to 24 hours.

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