5 Unique Ways to Improve the Way You Train (Unique Ways To Improve Your Life Series – Part II)

Understanding how your body responds to nutrition, rest and hydration is key to improving performance.  

Get your training/resting ratio right!

Our bodies are complex and yet some of the ways in which we can improve the way they function are simple.  We’ve rounded up 5 fantastic ways to make your training work better for you.

  • Train Smarter, Not Harder.   From the 1960’s until around 1990, Soviet weightlifters broke record after record.  Why?  Were they stronger?  Did they train more rigorously?  No.  They took home the medals because their training was subject to stringent analysis based around interval training, with individually optimized work/rest ratios.  Different forms of training vary enormously in terms of how they tax your body but generally, experts believe that bursts of focused training, followed by short periods of rest are more beneficial than long bouts of training without breaks.  
  • Eat Right.  There’s no dodging the fact that eating healthy, energy-giving foods will help to energize and supply vital nutrients to your body.  Protein, the right carbs, “good” fats and plenty of fruit and vegetables are in; too many processed foods, salt and artificial sweeteners are out.
  • Love What You Do.  Don’t keep trying to run a 10k just because all your friends are.  Do it because you want to run a 10k.  Likewise, there’s no point in dreading your weights session all day and then slogging through it reluctantly. Like the old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life;” if you find the right kind of exercise for you, it will always be something you love to do!
  • Have a Goal.  Keep a positive frame of mind by visualizing where you want your training to take you.  Want to be stronger and see defined muscles?  Imagine how great that’s going to feel. Want to run a marathon?  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.  Imagine your race vest, your pace, the crowds on the pavement and getting to the finish line!  
  • Drink Tyent Water.  Water from your Tyent Ionizer is very different than regular water.  It’s replete with molecular hydrogen that energizes your body from within each cell.  Tyent alkaline ionized water hydrates you faster than regular water and speeds up recovery time.  Top sports-pros and Olympians drink Tyent Water because they know that it augments their training regimen and tastes great too!  

“After a week of trying out Tyent ionized water, I could not believe the difference I felt after extreme training efforts.”

~ Clara Hughes, 5 Time Olympic Medalist


Learn More About Tyent Water!

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