7 Tweetable Facts about Water

Water is the most important substance on the planet. All living creatures need it to survive, but many of us either aren’t consuming enough of it or are consuming it from less-than-pure sources.

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At birth, water accounts for approximately 80% of an infant’s body weight. [Tweet it!]

By the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has lost over 1 percent of its total water amount. [Tweet it!]

Alkaline ionized water is up to six times more hydrating than conventional water. [Tweet it!]

The overall amount of water on our planet has remained the same for two billion years. [Tweet it!]

Frozen water is 9% lighter than water, which is why ice floats on water. [Tweet it!]

95% of a tomato is water. [Tweet it!]

A glass of water from a water ionizer has as many antioxidants as a glass of orange juice. [Tweet it!]

Check out more facts about water and alkaline ionized water to get a full education on hydration, health, and how important it is to drink good water.

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