The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Dispenses More Than Just Great Water (Revised)

There are many people who don’t know a lot about ionized alkaline water but would like to learn, so we have gathered up some fresh questions in hopes the answers will enlighten them.

Shocking Facts About Ionized Alkaline Water!
Shocking Facts About Ionized Alkaline Water!

The first question comes from Canada.

Is Ionized Alkaline Water Corrosive?

Whether an aqueous solution is corrosive or alkaline is determined by the pH level or potential for hydrogen.  When a liquid has a pH level of 7.0 on the pH scale it is neutral.  When the pH levels drops below 7.0 it is deemed acidic and when that number rises above 7.0 it is alkaline.

Do Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water Machines Make Alkaline or Acidic Water?

With a Tyent ionized alkaline water ionizer you control the pH level of the water with the simple touch of a keypad.  You can set your machine to produce a higher pH level creating more beneficial and hydrogen rich water for drinking or you can adjust the setting to produce highly acidic water for facial toners and household cleaning without the use of dangerous chemicals. 

This fantastic feature on your Tyent machine will not only save you money on expensive household cleaners, but help the environment at the same time while cleaning and disinfecting your place really well.

Our next question is a good one as well.

Does Ionized Alkaline Water Lose its Alkalinity?

The answer is that over time, yes, the alkalinity of the water will dissipate.  The amount of heat and light the water is exposed to can also affect the alkalinity.  How quickly that degradation occurs is commensurate with the environment to which it is exposed.

It would seem the force that has the greatest effect on the alkalinity of the water is oxygen.  Proper storage of alkaline water will go a long way toward preserving its beneficial properties.  However, like anything we consume, fresh is best so if you consume your ionized alkaline water fresh from the ionizer, you will reap the most benefits.

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What are Some Health Benefits to Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water?

Now that question is an easy one to answer.  There are many benefits you can derive from drinking this water, the least of which is drinking much cleaner water.  Cleaner water alone is more beneficial for you by what it doesn’t contain and Tyent Water produces some of the cleanest water there is. Not only is the water cleaner, but it’s also:

  •       Ionized to produce ultra hydrating water
  •       Loaded with necessary minerals
  •       Rich with antioxidants

What health benefits have you seen since you started drinking Tyent water? We’d love to hear your story!

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