Why is Tyent Ionized Water Better than Other Water? (Updated)

We enjoy reading the many questions that good people all over the world send us everyday here at The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company.  

It's time for more questions about ionized water!
It’s time for more questions about ionized water!

People are curious about all aspects of ionized alkaline water and the machines that produce them.  Most questions are very interesting and while many are of a similar nature, they all carry a familiar theme.  They want to know what ionized alkaline water is and how it is really any better than “regular” water. 

Let’s start with a question within that field of thought.

Is Ionized Alkaline Water Really Any Better Than the Unfiltered Water I Drink Now and if so, How?

The first thought that comes to mind is if you are now drinking unfiltered water that in itself is inferior compared to Tyent Water without mentioning any other benefits.  A little logic tells you that water that is unfiltered cannot be as clean as water that has been purified through filtration.

The how part goes like this.  When ordinary water or tap water is introduced into a Tyent water ionizer, the process of cleaning up that water (or filtering it) begins.  Tyent uses a patented Dual Filtration System that captures and traps chemical impurities in the water with remarkable effectiveness

Many, many, of the hundreds of chemicals residing in ordinary water are filtered out to practically zero presence while hundreds more have their presence reduced to far safer levels. 

How Can Water That Has Been Put Through Your Machines Quench My Thirst Any Better Than Other Water?

A long question with a simple answer.  While it may seem that water is still just water, whatever you do to it, that just isn’t the case.  It is the hydrogen rich water created by an ionized alkaline water machine that gives Tyent Water a hydrating advantage over regular water. Our alkaline water allows for faster gastric emptying, which in turn hydrates you faster.

Because our water will go into your system faster, its able to quench even a deep-down body thirst.  See how our super charged water is changing lives:

I Know That Distilled Water is Clean, Why Can’t I Drink That and Not Have to Buy a Machine?

You can drink any water that you want to drink but there are several advantages to drinking Tyent Water and several disadvantages to drinking distilled.  Personally, if I were going to drink water other than that which has been purified, ionized and alkalized, it wouldn’t be distilled water.

Distilled water is purified by the reverse osmosis process which essentially strips away everything from the water including minerals.  Distilled water is also very abrasive and acidic, which is why it the preferred water for industrial use.  This water also has no minerals which are vital to good health.

Drinking distilled water over long periods of time has proven to be not only not good for you, but can actually be quite harmful and cause some serious damage to your body.

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