11 Hacks To Stay Hydrated

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Stay hydrated without even realizing you’re drinking more water than usual with these simple hydration hacks!

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11 Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

1. Bring Your Own Personal Water Bottle with You

Do you keep forgetting to drink your water? Then, one easy way how to stay hydrated is to carry around a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

It’ll serve as a frequent reminder to take a swig of refreshing water every few hours. Not only will it help you stick to your goal, but it can also shave off a few dollars from your daily expenses.

Try to calculate how much you spend regularly on juice, soda, shakes, or even bottled water — the amount can easily go over a hundred dollars if you keep buying drinks!

Don’t just use any bottle. Opt for one that has the technology and quality to provide you healthy drinking water, like Tyent’s Stainless Steel drinkware!

That way, you can get your fill of refreshing alkaline water whenever you need to without having to use plastic bottles that increase your carbon footprint.

2. Opt for Water Instead of Carbonated Drink

Instead of deciding whether to go with cola or soda, why not opt for a cool, refreshing glass of water when eating out? If you make a habit out of it, you can easily reach the recommended eight daily glasses of water.

Plus, not only is it one of the simplest ways to stay hydrated, but it can also aid in your weight loss journey. Do you know how many calories and sugar are in a glass of drinks like soda and fruit juice?

Cutting them out from your daily diet can really make a big difference. So the next time you eat outside, remember to choose service water over other sugary drinks.

3. Hydrate Before, During, and After a Workout

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It might seem like a no-brainer, but plenty of fitness buffs forget to stay hydrated while working out. Plus, a lot of people replace water with energy drinks.

Remember that no drink on earth can ever take the place of water. Do not ever think that you don’t have to drink water just because you have your favorite energy drink with you.

With that in mind, gym-goers should remember to bring at least a liter of hydrogen-infused water with them to the fitness center. Don’t forget that dehydration during a workout can lead to a series of injuries and health complications.

Tip: Are you still drinking regular tap water? Then it’s definitely time for an upgrade!

Improve your pH levels by drinking ionized water. Get a Turbo Water Ionizer for you and your family now to see the difference.

4. Drink Water When You’re Hungry

A lot of people tend to reach for a pack of their favorite snack whenever they feel hungry. In fact, it’s not uncommon to mix up hunger and thirst.

So if you’re having trouble staying hydrated and cutting back on snacks, then try drinking water every time you feel you’re hungry. This will prevent you from binge eating while quenching the thirst you’re not even aware of.

If you’re still hungry even after a glass or two, then it might be time to eat your next meal of the day. Of course, opt for healthy foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to maximize the weight loss effects of alkaline water.

5. Ditch Dry and Carb-Loaded Foods

Dry, carb-filled snacks like chips, pretzels, and crackers have very little water content. On top of that, a lot of people like to pair these snacks with sugary drinks like soda and juice.

So instead of these snacks, opt for foods that hydrate the body. This includes Greek yogurt, veggies, and fruits, among others.

6. Eat More Watermelon

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If drinking water is too boring for you, then try cracking open a big, juicy watermelon. This fruit is primarily made up of water, which is why it’s a very refreshing snack in the summertime.

It’s one of the simplest ways how to stay hydrated without drinking water. To save up on cash, try buying them in bulk during the peak seasons, June to August.

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7. Order More Soup

What appetizers do you usually get when you eat at a restaurant? If you don’t order soup that much, then it’s time to start getting them more often.

Try to increase your fluid intake by eating more soup. But remember to choose low-calorie soup dishes that won’t add inches to your waist.

Tip: Do you sweat too much while eating soup? Then, opt for dishes like Gazpacho which are served cold.

8. Add Fruit and Veggie Slices in Your Water

Let’s face it, plenty of people simply dislike the plain, boring taste of water. There’s really nothing wrong with looking for a drink that tickles your taste buds.

So if you want to add a little zest and flavor to your usual water, try throwing in some fruit and veggie slices.  Feel free to mix some mint leaves, cucumber slices, and lemon wedges in your water pitcher.

For some delicious drink ideas and easy ways to add more Tyent alkaline water to your day, be sure to check out these 6 tasty summer drink ideas and recipes.

9. Drink Before You Eat

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Do you want to drink more water and eat less food? Then, try drinking a glass of water before, during, and after every meal.

It may be hard to remember at first, but once you make a habit of it, you won’t be able to eat a single meal without drinking water first.

10. Get Drunk on Water

Have you ever found yourself lying in bed after a night out thirsty and with a throbbing headache? That’s probably because you consumed too much alcohol and not enough water.

While there’s nothing wrong with drinking a bit of alcohol, you should always remember to do so in moderation. With that in mind, a cool way to lessen your alcohol intake and stay hydrated is to drink water after every glass or so.

Make it a habit to down your beer, cocktail, or wine with some water. It might seem a bit corny, but you’ll be thankful when you wake up the following day and realize you avoided getting that dreaded hangover.

11. Make It a Part of Your Lifestyle

One common reason people forget to stay hydrated is they don’t really take it seriously. They feel that drinking water isn’t really necessary.

But if you truly want to increase your water intake, then you need to make it a part of your lifestyle. This can include drinking water at different times of the day, switching to alkaline water for pH balance, or investing in a water ionizer for your family.

Tip: Are you looking for high-quality, durable water ionizers that will keep you and your family healthy in the years to come? Then, check out our top-selling units at Tyent USA!


These are just some of the easiest hacks to stay hydrated. Overall, what’s important is to make a habit out of drinking water.

But you don’t have to pressure yourself! Following small, simple hacks such as these can already go a long way in improving your overall health.

What do you do to stay hydrated? Share your most effective tips in the comments section below!

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