Why Buy a Water Ionizer?

Why buy a water ionizer?  I mean, you can live without one, right?  Sure you can.  But then, you can live without fresh food and exercise, but we wouldn’t recommend it!

Buy a Water Ionizer
Eat well, exercise and drink lots of Tyent water.

Enjoy What You Drink!

The thing is, hydration isn’t optional.  Every single one of us needs to drink water, every day.  Not just one glass, but just under two liters every day for most of us, according to the Institute of Medicine.  We also need more water before and after exercise and in hot weather.

So, that part is non-negotiable.  We have to drink water, so why not make it great tasting water that’s a real pleasure to drink?  After all, if you enjoy something, it makes it an awful lot easier to stick to!

So Why Ionized Water?

Of course, the main reason that many people buy a water ionizer is for the proven health benefits. From increased energy levels, to shoring up your defenses against harmful free radicals, ionized water has been the subject of hundreds of clinical studies.

Members of the medical establishment have lent their voices time and time again to highlight the incredible benefits of ionized water, and then – of course – there are the countless customers who wouldn’t be without their Tyent ionizer, happy to testify about its positive effect on their life and health!

The Safe Way to Hydrate

Let’s go back to the earlier point; you have to drink water.  There’s no secret that America’s water network is in a state of crisis.  Some of the most dangerous contaminants that are repeatedly found in municipal systems are colorless, odorless and tasteless.  It’s impossible, for example, to know that the deadly toxin lead is in your water, without stringent testing.

Tyent ionizers have an unmatched filtration system that removes over 200 contaminants, including 99% of lead.  Every glass of Tyent water is cool, clean and rich with minerals, hydrogen and antioxidants, all at the push of a button.


The Real Question!

So maybe the question shouldn’t be Why Buy an Ionizer? But rather, Why Wouldn’t You Buy an Ionizer?

If you’d like to learn more then take a peek at our awesome Cheat Sheet, filled with facts and essential information about ionized water!

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