Tyent Water Ionizers Versus the Competition, Part 3: Water Ionizer vs. A Water Pitcher

How are you enjoying our series on how well Tyent water ionizers compare to just about every other form of water gadget or machine on the market?  We want you to make up your own mind about which one comes out on top.  So we’re giving you the facts to let you decide for yourself!

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A Clear Pitcher?

The third comparison we’d like to make is with a standard water pitcher with an integral filter.  You can pick these up pretty much anywhere; the initial cost is low, and there are no installation requirements.  In terms of features, some are more stylish than others, although obviously, that’s pretty subjective.  The important thing is its filtration capabilities.

What Are You Trying to Avoid?

Now pretty much any kind of filter is better than nothing.  Depending on your source water, there well may be specific contaminants that you’re concerned about, or you and your family may just prefer the taste of filtered water.

If you decide to go for a pitcher, then you need to find one that’s big enough to be practical for the size and needs of your family.  It needs to fit comfortably into the refrigerator and be within your personal budget, making sure that you factor in the cost of replacing filters every two months or so.

Pros and Cons

However, although you can make gains in portability, low initial cost, and convenience, the majority of pitchers don’t remove anything like the same amount of contaminants as an ionizer.  Some filter pitchers only remove “bad taste and odor,” which admittedly might make you feel better about what you are drinking, but will do nothing to reduce your toxic load.

Also, the filtration can be quite slow, depending on the model and media of the jug.  Waiting 10 minutes for a glass of water when you’re really thirsty isn’t much fun!


How Does an Ionizer Compare?

With our market-leading filtration system, Tyent ionizers remove over 200 different contaminants, including 99.9% of lead.  Of course, with ionized alkaline water, you also get health-boosting antioxidants, essential minerals, and masses of hydrogen, in every glass.  A water pitcher is simply not able to match those incredible benefits.

A Tyent water ionizer also gives you automatic push-button convenience and while the initial financial outlay is higher, it’s possible that affordable and attractive payment terms can be offered.  Once you own a Tyent ionizer, the cost of each glass of alkaline water comes in at around 6 cents.

We’ll come back to the point we made earlier – any kind of filtration is better than nothing, but it’s possible that the best on the market is within your reach.  Give us a call at to have a chat about water, filters, and water ionizers and see how we can help.

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