Water Bottle Waste: Why You Should Ditch the Plastic

Water bottles might be convenient, but they’re also taking a toll on the environment. Here are some of our tips on how to be eco-friendly by ditching your water bottle habit.

water bottle waste

Why You Should Ditch the Bottled Water

Did you know the United States is the world’s largest bottled water consumer? In 2008, the U.S. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the Earth more than 190 times.

A lot of energy is used to produce water bottles, too. Apart from the waste of the water bottles themselves, a great amount of energy is expended in the manufacturing. According to The Water Project, it takes over 1.5 million barrels of oil to meet the demand of U.S. water bottle manufacturing.

This expenditure of oil isn’t the only problem. Producers of water bottles also have to consider the fossil fuel and emission costs of greenhouse gases needed to transport the final product to the market.

Another reason to ditch the bottles: only about 28% of bottles manufactured in the U.S. end up being recycled, the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers said. Where do the rest of those bottles go? Your guess is as good as ours: trash cans, trash bins, dumpsters, landfills, and the ocean.

Even if you’re not as concerned with going green, you should still be aware that plastic bottles can contain BPA, a harmful chemical for the earth and for humans. Bottled water is also usually acidic, and our diets are already too high in the acidic realm.

Alternatives to Bottled Water

GoodLife bottle

Drink alkaline water! A water ionizer will filter your tap water for a more refreshing, healthy hydration. Learn more about what makes alkaline water so, well, super.

For those who drink bottled water for the convenience factor: try instead to use a refillable water bottle. We recommend a Tyent GoodLife bottle. For convenience (and to be sure you always have ice cold water on hand!), try purchasing a few GoodLife bottles and keeping the spares refilled and ready in your refrigerator. A GoodLife bottle has the added benefit of keeping your water alkaline while it stays cold.

As the world continues to embrace the green movement, you can start by going green in your own home. Try to use less by embracing a reusable bottle, and remember to recycle your waste.

Have you gone eco-friendly on the water bottle front? Let us know! (Image via muscleandstrength.com.)

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