Press Room: Tyent in The News Again!

As a leader in water ionizers and water filtration, Tyent USA’s alkaline water is frequently in the news. Check out our ever-updated media room for Tyent USA news from outlets like Discovery, Gizmodo and CNET.

This week, we’re updating you on two pieces of press coverage on our products. Read behind the headlines:

Golf and GoodLife Bottles: The Hackers Paradise

Golf outlet The Hacker’s Paradise covered our GoodLife bottles (check out our current colors!) as the perfect way to stay hydrated while out on the green. A few highlights from their discussion:

“I have to say I am pretty impressed. The unit is very well made and you can feel the substance and it does a good job of keeping things hot and/or cold. I know many of our readers carry a water bottle or something like it to the course and this one is rather impressive.”

GoodLife bottles

Key Benefits of Alkaline Water

Tyent’s water was featured in Your Health Journal as a new take on what it means to be healthily hydrated.

“For those of us focused on optimal health and fitness, hydration is key to achieving our goals. While our instinct is to grab a glass of water out of the tap or cooler after a workout or long walk with the family, there is water solutions that can keep you better hydrated, such as alkaline ionized water.”

benefits of alkaline water

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