What is Alkaline Water?

We talk a lot about alkaline water, so it’s good sometimes to go back to basics and take a closer look at what alkaline water is; why it’s so different from regular water and is it the same thing as hydrogen water?


Everybody’s talking about it, but what IS alkaline water?
Everybody’s talking about it, but what IS alkaline water?


Alkaline Water and pH Balancing

Alkaline water is produced by a water ionizer. The ionization process alters the pH of the water, making it more alkaline (or acidic when required).

So why is this a good thing? Let’s look first at the way we live today. Our modern diet tends towards acidity – much more so than any other time in history. A consistently acidic diet can be unhealthy, and experts believe that it can contribute to short and long term health issues.

Drinking alkaline water helps to rebalance our pH levels and maintain an optimum alkaline pH of 6.9 – 7.2.



Bioavailable Antioxidants

Ionized water also contains bioavailable, natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are an essential antidote to modern life. We’re surrounded constantly by damaging free radicals: in certain foods, such as fried food; smoking, pesticides and pollution. Antioxidant molecules help to neutralize the effect of free radicals and prevent them from harming healthy cells.


Therapeutic Hydrogen

Another big benefit of Tyent Alkaline Water? Our water ionizers naturally infuse the water with millions of minute bubbles of bioavailable, therapeutic, molecular hydrogen. The smallest element in existence, molecular hydrogen can target each cell and hydrate and energize it from within.


The Sports Pros Favorite!

It’s the reason that countless athletes and sport pros have a water ionizer at home. Having 24/7 access to the most hydrating and energizing water on the market, gives their training and performance the competitive edge they need!


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Is Alkaline Water the Same as Hydrogen Water?

Now we’ve mentioned hydrogen – let’s go back to one of the questions that we get asked all the time! Is alkaline water the same thing as hydrogen water? With a Tyent Water Ionizer, the answer is yes. Our water ionizers produce alkaline, hydrogen-rich water that’s filtered for peace of mind.

That’s not all.  Unlike cheaper models, Tyent Water Ionizers are built to last. You not only get the highest spec and best performance in the industry, you get a Lifetime Guarantee as standard – including parts.


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4 thoughts on “What is Alkaline Water?

    1. Hi, Billie. Thanks for your question. I’d like to point out that regular tap water isn’t as beneficial or clean as alkaline water. Let me explain.

      Tap water that’s unfiltered tends to carry a lot of contaminants and particles in it, including heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds or VOCs, making it bad for our health. It also tends to be demineralized, which means that your body won’t get the essential nutrients it needs from your water. While food is the main source of these minerals, good water supplements this supply of minerals.

      On the other hand, alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer is purified and remineralized. Our machines filter chemicals and contaminants from your tap water, ionize it to make it alkaline, and then fill it with antioxidants and minerals to give you the healthiest drinking water available. The dual filtration system in all Tyent ionizers is able to remove over 200 contaminants, ensuring that no VOCs or metals are left in your glass of water. Check out this third-party filtration report for the list of toxic substances that our ionizers get rid of.

      If you want to learn more about the many benefits of our hydrogen-rich alkaline water, please read this blog. You can also give our water experts a call at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Willie. Thank you for reaching out to us! I would recommend contacting your general health practitioner for a full assessment first. If they recommend drinking alkaline or hydrogen water, please give one of our water ionizer experts a call at 855-893-6887.

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