101 Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers Part 3: Beautiful Water in So Many Ways

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  1. Do Tyent Water Ionizers Make Beauty Water?

They sure do.  Acidic level 1 water has the same pH as your own skin and keeps it feeling soft and plumped-up with hydration.  Either wipe it over your face on a cotton wool pad, or spritz on with a spray bottle. Keep it in the fridge for a great cool down in hot weather!  Find out more great alkaline water beauty tips here. 

  1. 3 Quick Beauty Tips 
  • Use acidic level 1 water in a spritzer bottle all over your body for beach-ready glowing skin.
  • Use acidic beauty water as a final rinse when washing your hair for a deep shine and healthy appearance.
  • Use Tyent acidic water as a mouthwash, to help to kill germs and promote healthy gums and fresh breath!

  1. Tyent USA Offers Other Products to Complement Their Water Ionizers

Did you know that Tyent also carries shower lux filters which remove chlorine and other undesirable elements from your shower water? That means softer skin and hair, instead of the drying effects of chlorine.  Just another of the great ways that Tyent helps with making life that little bit better! 

  1. Tyent Acidic Water Helps Soothe Psoriasis and Eczema 

Skin conditions that plague millions of people, psoriasis and eczema may both be helped dramatically by Tyent alkaline water.  Many sufferers report improvement to their symptoms as a result of drinking alkaline water, and applying or spraying acidic water onto the affected areas. 

  1. Tyent Water Does Amazing Things for Your Hair!

 Who doesn’t want an easier and better way to ensure that your crowning glory really is as glorious as it could be?  It’s time to ditch the chemical-laden hair products and say hello to your new beautiful hair solution, simply by rinsing your hair with acidic water and spritzing it throughout the day when necessary.  And with our portable version, you can have beautiful vacation hair as well! 

  1. Beauty Water Can Be Used in Professional Salons and Spas 

The same beauty tips that you can practice at home are definitely suitable for salon and spa use!  Switch those spray bottles that are usually filled with ordinary tap water for beautifying acidic water to complement hair and skin treatments. 

  1. What is Beauty Water from the Inside? 

Every time you drink Tyent Water, you get a boost of super-hydrating skin friendly antioxidants which zap the free radicals that contribute to visible signs of aging.  Drinking Tyent Water keeps you glowing and beautiful every day! 

  1. Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Personal Trainer Drinks Tyent Alkaline Water 

Even the professionals agree that Tyent Water keeps you looking good.  No one would disagree that Victoria’s Secret Angels look stunningly healthy and in great shape; and their trainer is one of Tyent’s many celebrity fans. 

  1. Beautiful Soft Skin in Your Bath 

To keep your body glowing with supple, smooth skin, then simply add 1 liter of acidic water to your bath and relax.  The easiest way to get the skin you want, look forward to wonderful alkaline water bath after getting out and about with your Tyent GoodLife Bottle! 

  1. The Ionizer Looks Beautiful in Your Kitchen 

Being practical and good for your health and wellbeing doesn’t stop a Tyent Ionizer from also leading the field in the looks department.  Our engineers and designers didn’t stop until they had created an ionizer that had the sleek and stylish looks to match its incredible performance.



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101 Reasons To Love Tyent Water Ionizers Part 3: Beautiful Water in So Many Ways
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