101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 5: Recognition


  1. It’s Official! Tyent USA Won Water Ionizer of the Year

It great to be recognized for doing well, and Tyent is no different.  To win Water Ionizer Of The Year is a huge honor and testament to the work and dedication of all of our fantastic team!



  1. Desirable Residence – Tyent Featured on E! Homes of the Future!

Out of all of the awesome features and gadgets that you might well find in these incredible homes, here’s one that will be pretty familiar!  We were really pleased to see a Tyent Ionizer featured in this episode! 

  1. Tyent Featured on Gizmodo! 

If it’s innovative, cutting edge or just darn cool, it may have been lucky enough to get featured on Gizmodo.  We’re good at what we do and take the business of alkaline water seriously, but we’re not going to turn our noses up at being considered cool as well!


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  1. The House Of Your Dreams?

Whatever your personal dream house is, we have a feeling that this one might tick all the boxes for quite a few people. And what else would you expect to find in the dream kitchen other than a Tyent Ionizer?

  1. Cnet Loves Tyent

How do we know?  Well, it’s the only ionizer they’ve ever featured, and they rate us pretty highly.  Honestly, no matter how big Tyent gets, we never lose sight of what’s important.  Being recognized for our great products makes the hard work worthwhile! 

  1. Traditional Home Magazine Would Give a Tyent Ionizer as a Gift! 

Well, why not!  When the trusted publication gave a big thumbs up to having a Tyent Ionizer on your gift list, it was yet another vote of confidence! 

  1. Discovery Discovers Just How Great Our Ionizers Are! 

We admit that we got a little excited when we saw that Discovery had a great feature on Tyent!  Millions of people make Discovery part of their life and it’s always right out in front when it comes to what’s trending and important in the world.  It’s great to be on board!


  1. PC World Puts Tyent on Its Extreme Tech List!

When PC World compiled their list of the 22 most desirable extreme tech devices on the market, Tyent Ionizers made the cut. We’re the only ionizer company to receive that kind of endorsement from PC World, one the biggest names in cool, cutting edge technology, so it’s another great achievement for the Tyent team! 

  1. HealthNewsDigest Gets the Buzz About Tyent! 

HealthNewsDigest is one the most consistently newsworthy and exciting places to read about anything to do with health.  The media, consumers and medical professionals all use this website to keep their finger on the pulse of breaking medical and health news.  When Tyent’s own Joe Bocutti was invited to contribute a feature on alkaline water, it was another key moment of recognition for Tyent. 

  1. GolfGetaways Rate Tyent! 

The first name in booking a great golfing holiday, this household name ran a feature on Tyent, focusing on the benefits of faster and more efficient hydration if you’re playing sports.

Well, we hope you agree that we have lots to be excited about! It’s great to see that so much of the world’s media recognizes how great our ionizers are, and what value they can add to everyone’s lives. Give us a call now +1 855-893-6887 to talk more about which of our ionizers is right for you. And be sure to check out the rest of the 101 reasons to love Tyent! Don’t miss Part 6: Sports.

101 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers, Part 5: Recognition
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