A Raw Deal?

The latest trend that seems to be gathering attention in 2018 is the craze for drinking so-called “raw water.”

Raw Water is not necessarily pure water.

When a small, Oregon-based start-up company started selling “pristine mountain spring water” to people in the San Francisco area, they tapped into the fashionable notion that the more “natural” something is, then the better for you it will be.

What is “Raw Water”?

Raw water is, quite simply, water that springs from the earth; or in this particular case, from “an ancient aquifer.” It is completely untreated and unfiltered.

One of several companies selling raw water around the country says that filtering and treating water to remove contaminants “disrupts healthy bacterias” that would otherwise prove beneficial to the body.  The company claims that drinking raw, toxin-free mineral water complete with algae and microbes is positively good for us.  After all, the unprocessed water has been drunk by the local townspeople for years, so it must be good, right?

The Not-So-Healthy Bits…

Well, that depends on how picky you are about the other things that might be in that “pure” water.  Manure run off?  Pesticides?  Herbicides?  Septic tank spill over?  All of these, plus harmful bacteria and viruses could be present in raw water.  The harsh truth is that raw water is downright dangerous.  

Why “Raw Water” is a Thing

But its advent is also understandable.  For millions of people, America’s water system is a state of disrepair.  The billions needed to ensure that all Americans can trust the water in their taps again might eventually be found, but that work will take decades.  In the meantime, many people run the risk of drinking tap water contaminated with lead, drug residues and more.  

Even bottled water can’t be trusted, and for many the environmental cost is now way too high to contemplate adding to it.  Raw water is perhaps the inevitable next step for people who are tying themselves in knots worrying about what water is good for them!

Want to Stop Worrying About Water?

Tyent Water removes the worry and confusion about what to drink.  

Hydrogen-rich Tyent Water is pure, clean and comes with a slew of proven health benefits.

Our two bank filters remove over 200 contaminants, including up to 99% of lead, mercury, beryllium, uranium and fluoride.  Each glass of Tyent Water is packed with minerals and hydrogen known to be beneficial to health.  

Safe and Healthy Water from your Ionizer

Water from a Tyent ionizer is safe, healthy and planet-friendly.  With no side order of pesticides or any other “raw” freebies!

Want to learn more about all the ways that hydrogen can benefit your health?  Why not take a look at our fact-packed Cheat Sheet?

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