Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water And Youthful Skin


3 Ways Your Tyent Ionizer Supports Anti-Aging 



No going back sign    As we travel down Life’s Highway the years are our miles.  On the highway of life however, there are no u-turns.  As with any journey, the longer you drive, the more tired you become and it begins to show on us.

While we have to age, we don’t have to grow old.  A youthful spirit coupled with a good attitude can help tie the hands of time, allowing us to maintain a more youthful look. 

Nevertheless, there are physical forces at work on our bodies that even the brightest of personalities can’t stave off indefinitely.  As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and suppleness and becomes dryer.  Our face becomes our odometer.

As the miles add up, our faces begin to show those inevitable laugh lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles that naturally occur with aging.  That is why the sale of skin creams, lotions, and moisturizers, are a multi-billion dollar industry.  People are looking for the proverbial Fountain of Youth in a bottle.


 Fountain of Youth Sign



Ionized Alkaline Water for Hydration, Energy & More

While special creams and lotions may help to some degree externally (by holding moisture in), what goes on internally has a lot to do with the condition of our skin.  Our bodies are 60% water and drinking plenty of it is essential to keeping our systems working properly and maintaining good health.


Water regulates everything from our core temperature to our bodily functions while providing proper hydration, energy and more.


Since you must drink water, shouldn’t that water be pure and good for you?  Of course it should, and no company provides healthier water than Tyent.  Ionized alkaline water from The Tyent Ionized Water Company is water the way nature intended it to be. 


waternumber-three Healthy Benefits of Drinking Tyent Water



1.    Rich in antioxidants, Tyent Water helps energize the muscles that without proper hydration become fatigued



2.   Dehydration makes the skin look more dry and wrinkled, hydrate with Tyent Water to give your skin a more youthful appearance


 3.  Proper hydration helps the kidneys to rid the body of harmful toxins


 Can’t any old water do that?

The answer is yes and no.  Of course putting water into your system is going to help but the quality of water is just as important.  Think of it this way.  You can put a pile of lettuce in a bowl and add some dressing and you have a salad.  That’s good.  You can also put that lettuce in a bowl and add tomatoes, bacon bits, onions, and croutons.  They are both still salads but…


It’s the same with water.  You can drink tap water (with its hundreds of dangerous chemicals) and get hydrated, or you can drink pure Tyent Water and become hydrated, rejuvenated, and get a healthy dose of minerals too while your cells absorb the smaller water molecules more readily.


Read what Doctor Alvin Stein had to say about Tyent Water and the necessity for proper hydration.



Alkaline Water and Antioxidants - tyentusa.com


Dr. Alvin Stein

The hydration level of the cells is so necessary for all of the metabolic processes.”

 “The beauty of Tyent Water is that it penetrates into the cells and hydrates the cells at the cellular level.”


The proof is there.  Water is good for you no doubt, but Tyent Water is even better.

 Do your body a favor and learn more about all the benefits of drinking pure, refreshing, rejuvenating, Tyent Water from The Tyent Ionized Water Company.




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