Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water Or Distilled…You Decide


                          Ionized Alkaline Water versus Distilled Water


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 Past tense distilled

 Verb 1. Purify (a liquid) by vaporizing, then condensing it by cooling the vapor, and collecting the resulting liquid.


I was asked the other day if I knew that distilled water was just as pure as alkaline water and thereby, just as good for you.  I replied “No, I did not…because it isn’t.”    


I was then directed to some on-line articles to read that touted the advantages of distilled water and dispelled some myths about it, which I read.  Admittedly, they were well written and did indeed espouse that drinking distilled water was good for you and just as pure as any filtered water.


However, of the articles I read, one was written by a doctor who also had some vitamins he was hawking and a few of the others were also selling home distillers.  In fairness though, there were many that believed distilled water is good for you.  I also read many comments both pro and con.


With a mixture of science, subjective opinion, and money involved, how does one discern what is true and what isn’t, if distilled water is good for you or if it is not?


I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose the two, and the final product to see what’s what, and then you can decide for yourself which water you would prefer to drink. 



Distilled Water-the Good-the Bad & the Ugly


 Clint  In the creation of distilled water, it is true that many impurities are removed through the distillation process, making it pretty pure.  When comparing the purity of distilled water to tap and some bottled water it is definitely more pure.  That’s good


Nevertheless, distillation also removes all the minerals from the water.  Additionally, some poisonous chemicals are not steamed away, because they require a much higher temperature than 212 degrees to eliminate them.  That’s bad.


 Jug o' Water    After the water has been distilled it is placed into plastic jugs for storage and transport.  It is a well-known fact that plastic containers when exposed to heat or even over time begin to leach some of the petrol-based chemicals used in their manufacture.  That’s ugly.




Ionized Alkaline Water from Tyent


 logo    To begin with, at the core of our ionizers are the electrodes.  Tyent water purifiers contain Solid/Mesh Hybrid Medical Grade, strengthened titanium plates, multi-dipped in platinum that raise the ratio of generating oxygen, creating ionized water. 


Tyent machines use a two-filter system that effectively filters out harmful chemicals and produces pure, fresh water.  Tyent Water is also rich in minerals.


Moreover, with a purification system from The Tyent Alkaline Water Company, the process reduces the size of the molecules.  Distilled water does nothing to reduce the size of the water molecules.  Why is that important? 



Is There a Doctor in the House?


id-100173069  There is!  


Here is what noted authority on water, Dr Zoltan P. Rona had to say.  This is taken directly from one of his writings and I’ve listed the link below. 

The size and shape of the water molecule clusters after distillation are significantly different. They are larger in size and thus do not absorb into the body’s tissues as easily as tap, filtered or ionized water.”

“In addition, when water is stripped of minerals and oxygen through distillation and the other purification processes, it loses its natural structure.”

Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, showed how distillation destroys the natural crystalline structure of water in his numerous studies.

When the innate structure of water is destroyed it makes the water essentially useless to the body. Thus, the Japanese scientists refer to distilled water as “dead water.”

Tyent Water hydrates the body far better with its smaller water molecules, is fresh, never stored in plastic and is about as pure as you can get.


If you look hard enough you can find pros and cons on just about everything and anything.  I saw a nutrition label on a can of lard that read Gluten free!


When all is said and done, it is up to the individual to consider all the facts and draw their own conclusions.


Personally, after what I have read, I would prefer to put ionized alkaline water from Tyent in my body and put distilled water into the steam iron.


Steam Ironing


To learn more about Tyent Water, please follow this link.  Tyentusa.com




Paavo Airola; Every Woman’s Book; 1982.

Zoltan P. Rona; “Early Death Comes from Drinking Distilled Water”

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  1. I once drank water from a plastic bottle that was in the car for too long – no AC, either! – and man I wanted to throw up. I tasted the plastic. Never doing that again.

    1. Hi, Sofia. We’re sorry to hear that happened, but it’s not surprising. Bottled water is one of the unhealthiest water options on the market. We always recommend getting your own water ionizer so that you’re purifying and remineralizing the water you already have at home and not spending a dime more on plastic that’ll ruin both your body and the environment.

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