1 Very Happy Ionized Alkaline Water Drinker Raves About Tyent Water


 1 Heartfelt Testimonial from One Happy Tyent Water Drinker



 Testimonial  One of the strongest marketing tools a company can have is happy customers.  Happy customers are so much more than just a positive spin on your product.  Any marketing or advertising firm can write up something about your product and spin it to sound as though this is what you are looking for!  It happens all the time.


I am one of those people that gets fired up when I read exactly what I want to hear about a product or service I am thinking of buying.  That’s my first reaction.  Right beneath that enthusiasm however, lays a skeptic.  So my second reaction always is to investigate those claims further. 

Often times, when you begin to dig a little deeper and start reading what actual consumers have to say, that once glowing fire begins to lose its warmth.


When I decided to write this blog on testimonials, I of course, began scouring all the reviews from actual customers who had invested in an ionized alkaline water purifying system from The Tyent Ionized Water Company.  I figured there would be some positive reviews, some negative reviews, and a few fence riders. 


 Customer Satisfaction  I figured wrong.  The people that purchased a water ionizer from Tyent were effusive in their praise for these machines; from their looks, to their effectiveness and even the all important, Customer Service after the sale.  Moreover, they received no money or products for their endorsement with the exception of a few gallons of Tyent Water given them initially to try out.



Ionized Alkaline Water…More Than Just a Drink


If I were looking for a machine that would deliver pure, fresh water and I read about some water that was not only pure and delicious but actually offered health benefits as well, admittedly, I would be skeptical. 


Just like Lorraine Westenberger, the dancer turned kick-boxer who opened her own gym.  That’s why I chose her testimonial today.  She reminded me of myself (sans the high heels).


Read what Lorraine has to say about her ionized alkaline water purifier from Tyent.  Talk about a happy customer.



Energy, Re-hydration & Stamina from Ionized Alkaline Water



   Lorraine Westenberger 

Designer Fitness & Nutrition Coach

CEO of Viva! Wellness Studio, Williamstown, NJ


“Tyent Water is as unique and healthy as my workouts; it’s light, crisp and delicious, and best of all it’s filled with the healthy antioxidants that I need to help with my fast paced lifestyle.”

                                                                      -Lorraine Westenberger



In Lorraine’s Own Words

“I was the most skeptical person about Tyent Alkaline Water. So, Tyent suggested that I take home a few gallons of their healthy water to see the positive benefits for myself. Well, I was ready to prove them wrong, but after drinking the water for just two days during a grueling week of teaching 13 intense workouts, I was the one who was proven wrong.  It was probably the only time in my life when I was happy about being wrong too.”


“I have been dancing since age 3 and began kick-box training from 2003-2007 when I was asked to teach. Now that I have my own studio, I have created a unique dance, fitness and wellness program that focuses on having fun while getting fit and healthy.  We dance on chairs, with high heels and even take our workouts outside in the summer for a change of pace.”


“My members love how the workouts are always changing and allowing them to delve into the different “sides” of their personalities…one minute we feel like sensual divas, the next we’re giving GI Jane a run for her money & scaring the guys in the kickboxing classes.”


While Lorraine’s heartfelt testimony is wonderful, it is not unique.  There are so many people from every walk of life that absolutely love their alkaline water purifier from The Tyent Ionized Water Company that I could write a different testimony every day for a good long while.


If you are feeling it may be time to improve the quality of your water while improving your health at the same time, please look into getting an ionized alkaline water purifier from Tyent.




Here is a handy link to more testimonials.  http://tyentusa.com/learn/alkaline-water/testimonials


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